What is content marketing

Content Marketing is a strategic focused approach on creating and distributing valuable content, attracting a targeted audience.


What is Content Marketing?

• We overlook advertisements in magazines.
• We record our favourite shows and then fast forward through the commercials.
• Most billboards fade into the background.
• Even on the internet, we’ve learned to bypass adverts (banners, side panels) and peruse through the content that we are searching for.

“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.” – Howard Gossage

Content Marketing is a long-term approach that enables you as a business owner to slowly build up a relationship through layers of valuable content with your existing and new customer base. It has been a go-to strategy since the early early 1900s.

Joe Pulizzi, Founder of The Content Marketing Institute explains that content marketing “is focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is not a hard sell – if anything, think of it as an incredibly soft sell. It’s giving your potential customer base content of value to build an ongoing relationship based on trust. The man who keyed this approach was Robert Collier. In a nutshell, his theory directed the salesman to align themselves with their target audience – be a part of their conversations – bring something that is genuine and of value to them.

In 1904, American company Jell-O sent their salespeople door-to-door giving away free copies of a cookbook (that happened to trumpet the virtues of Jell-O). By 1906 their sales had sky-rocketed by over $1 million.

Let’s go back in time to Australia in 1937, amidst the Great Depression and on the verge of World War II. Unemployment was at an all time high, the country and people were struggling. Then came a competition to write a limerick. The company behind the happy competition was Vegemite. Up until that point, Vegemite hadn’t had great success. A thoughtful limerick competition with the chance to win some luxurious prizes including a new Pontiac car sent Vegemite sales skyward and set Vegemite up on its path to becoming an Australian icon.

‘Align with your customers and be a part of their conversations – bring something genuine and of value to them.’ Vegemite couldn’t have been more aligned with the wants and needs of the Australian people at such a low time.

Becoming the trusted source for information concerning your particular field can have an enormous impact on drawing your customers to you. Having a dynamic and experienced team behind you is essential to building your content marketing strategy online.

Building A Strong Presence to Your Potential Customer Base

There are two main aspects of building yourself up as the leader in your niche market.

I. Deliver Valuable Content – It’s not enough to just put out articles, infographics, etc.… on a regular basis. To build an audience (and ultimately, customers), you must put out something of value. If you’re involved in kitchenware, you’ll want to deliver content such as recipes for working parents; or cooking hints for beginners. If you’re a masseuse, maybe you could build up an archive of articles revealing how office workers can relieve back stress while still at their workstations.

II. Establish Your Voice – Delivering valuable content shows your customer base what you can do. Establishing your voice tells them who you are.

Your voice is how you use content to establish what kind of service you are. This is how you show everyone that you’re the leader in your field. Are you an established company or a new up and coming business to take on the world? Are you fun and easy-going, or are you all business?

Remember, you’re not selling, you’re building relationships.

Quality web marketing doesn’t stop there. Once you have set up a schedule delivering quality content, you’re going to want to become involved with your potential customers. If they respond to a post with a question on your Facebook page, answer it quickly and honestly. If someone complains, get to work on it right away. Not only will that particular customer be pleased that they have been taken seriously, but others will see your quick response and want to start a relationship with you of their own.

Web Marketing Experts

That’s where we step in and offer you our in-depth knowledge of web marketing.

  • What makes content valuable in your field?
  • Have you considered your publishing schedule?
  • Have you established your voice on your website and across social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc…)?
  • Where do you show up in Google search results?

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