Daylom Upholstery, WordPress Video Tutorial


Welcome back everyone! Our WordPress tutorial for today focuses on the Udesign theme. This is quite a popular theme with our clients since it caters to beginners as well as more advanced users who know how to dabble in the behind-the-scenes HTML coding. On top of that the theme is also well-tuned to enhance SEO-rich content, which means your website can get a leg up in the race to the first page of Google’s results. As always, our videos are intended to help out people who are absolute beginners when it comes to working with their website.

This Udesign theme WordPress tutorial video’s timeline is as follows:

00:39 – How to edit your web pages.

03:15 – How to add links (connections to other pages within your website and across the internet) and images.

06:55 – How you can edit your homepage (and how to change the text of your buttons).

10:40 – How to add new posts to your blog. So in the video we talk about how you can edit your blog. The question arises – do I need a blog at all? The answer is absolutely yes. Also the second video below shows you how to upload images to your photo gallery. Your website’s blog is an amazing tool that does multiple jobs for you all at once. First, it personalises your business and introduces the world to your company’s voice or vibe. This lets people know what kind of experience they’re going to have when they do business with you (it’s how you sell as opposed to what you sell). Second, it’s going to make you look like an authority in your field. If you’re a butcher and you have a blog filled with fantastic recipes and BBQ tips, you’re going to become the go-to business for your viewers when it comes to all things meat. Are you a clothes designer? Then information-filled posts giving dressing tips will earn you a loyal audience. And so on. Third, it’s a great place to claim more SEO. The more posts you have, the more SEO keywords and phrases you can compete for.

Don’t know what SEO is and why we place so much emphasis on it in the Udesign theme WordPress tutorial video? That’s okay, we have a whole page dedicated to giving you the basics here: And if you have any further questions we’d be delighted to help you get sorted out. Drop us a note via our contact page and we’ll help you get started on your way to Page 1. Contact us today!