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You’ve done it, courageous, inventive and entrepreneurial. Top 10 SEO Sydney website design, can build you a high authority online presence.


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It’s time to find your perfect Sydney Website Design partners, and we’d like to think that’s us.
Or perhaps you’re a big, international concern with years of customer satisfaction behind you, and you’re looking to shout to the world that no matter how big your brand, you are still made up of people just like your clients that put in a full day every day, trying to make you and your services that little bit better.

You’re a hero, an explorer, an adventurer, and it’s time that the rest of the world benefited from your hard won experience. What you don’t need is a cookie cutter website with your name carelessly slapped on top. What you do need is a team of experienced website designers that find the best way to broadcast your business to the online world.

Welcome to Top 10 SEO, your partner in Sydney Website Design.

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What’s SEO and why do I need it?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it’s the way Google ranks your webpage. You need to put effort into SEO because without it your website will not show up on the first two pages of Google searches. If you’re not on those first two pages (page one being so much better) then you are not visible at all.

The way SEO works is this – someone types in a phrase into Google searching for a business near them – let’s say they’re looking for a pet concierge service. So they’ll type something like “pet concierge Sydney.” “Pet concierge Sydney” is an SEO key phrase. If you’re a pet concierge business owner then you want to appear on the first page for that phrase. How do you know which phrases you want to capture and how do you go about being visible on them? You partner with a team of web design experts to help your business blossom.

Your Sydney Website Design Services

SEO begins at the design level and most Web Design companies miss this most important and crucial part of the process, through not knowing. We team with you to not only create your website, but also create a whole online presence.

Once we team up with you as your website designers we are involved and working hard not just for you but for ourselves – we literally don’t have any success unless we help you reach it first. In our defense we think we can say that our intensity has paid off, time and again. We’ve gathered quite the list of clients including brands that you know, use, love, and respect like Rolls Royce, Hyatt, Samsung, and many more.

Our services revolve around two core offerings:

  1. Business Website Design
    It’s just you trying to gain a foothold in the business world. 85% of your potential customers are using the internet to search for a business just like yours.We’re here as your Sydney Website Design partner to help the two of you connect. You want a contemporary business website design, if you’re introducing yourself or offering a service.
  2. E-Commerce Website Design
    On the other hand an ecommerce website is for when we want to set up your internet site with the ability to sell products directly online. Whether you want your products sold across Sydney or around the world, this is the option for you.

Our favourite part of our own website here at Top 10 SEO is our list of clients on the Case Studies page. They’re all people, just like you, who wanted to let the world know that they’re here. We’d very much like to add you to that ever growing collection.

Give us a call or send us an email and let us meet up to talk about how we can best introduce you to your potential customers, who are just been waiting for someone like you.

We’ll see you on Page 1.