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SEO Services is a form of marketing aimed at increasing online visibility using organic (rather than paid-for) traffic to rank a website higher in search results. Application of SEO requires both technical and creative capabilities in order to drive traffic, increase rankings and improve awareness for search engines. Many areas are covered when applying SEO such the way text appears on your page and the way your site is linked from other websites. Occasionally, SEO can be as simple as ensuring you structure your site so search engines can understand it better.

SEO doesn’t simply mean creating websites that are search engine friendly – there’s much more to it than that. It means ensuring your website is also suitable for people too, making navigating your site a quick, easy and enjoyable experience. We abide by these principles with our SEO Services here in Australia.

In this guide, we aim to explain all aspects of SEO so you can better understand our SEO Service. Giving you a better knowledge on how to pick which phrases and terms (keywords) to generate organic traffic to your site, to ensuring your website is search engine friendly, building effective links and marketing the uniqueness of your website. You’re not alone if you find this stuff confusing – that’s why we have decided to write a deeper article on the subject.

You Might be Asking Right Now, “So Why Do I Need SEO On My Website?”

The vast majority of internet traffic is driven from the few major global search engines – namely, Google, Yahoo! And Bing. Although traffic to your site can be driven from various social media platforms, search engines are the primary source of traffic for most websites. This remains true for all types of websites whether they provide services, content, information, products or indeed any other service.

Search engines are often seen as the gateway to the internet to reach your future customers – unless you specifically type in the URL for a site you’re after, you will usually use a search engine to find what you are looking for. An example would be “Chiropractors in Melbourne”. On the page one space of Google, you will first see the top five listings being Google Advertising, then possible a Google map might show up giving you another three choices, then underneath the map is the ten natural organic listings that we all look for. It is proven that around 80% of internet users believe that the ten organic listings are trusted sources, as many people are aware that the companies listed at the very top pay for their position and well, not trusted as much by the user.

This makes search engines the single most important tool to drive traffic to your site. If search engines can’t find your site or include your content in their databases, you’ll miss out on potentially endless opportunities to have organic traffic driven to your site. Another point to consider is how huge the internet is today. The world wide web tells us there are around 4.8 billion web pages in the world today and climbing.

Organic Traffic - Increase %
Bounce Rate - Decrease %
Average Visit Duration - Increase %
Pages Per Session - Increase %

So What are “Search Queries” then? You might be thinking.

These are the words or phrases internet users type into the Google search field, known as ‘keywords’. These keywords carry an extraordinary amount of value as the right keywords in your niche market with good traffic flow is what you are looking to target, to drive that traffic volume to your website by being listed on that page one space organically. It has been found that traffic driven from search engines can either make or break a business, as targeted traffic to a business site can provide exposure, publicity and revenue unlike any other form of marketing. An investment in good quality SEO can provide an incredible rate of return when compared to other promotion and marketing strategies.

Organic SEO is a slow process. So be realistic and don’t expect immediate results. It can take two to three months at least to start gaining the visibility you want. If you try too hard and too fast, you are more than likely to be penalized by Google or any of the other search engines. With Rank Brain working full time. Google’s artificial intelligence brain child, you are likely to trip up the system much faster and fall from your lofty heights in rankings in no time.

Why Can’t the Search Engines Understand My Site Without SEO?

Search engines are undoubtedly smart, but they still need a little help. The major search engines are continually developing their algorithms (processes for sifting through the vast amounts of information on the web) so that they can search through the web more deeply and return more exact information and results to their users. Yet they are limited with the way they can operate. While good quality SEO can bring you several thousand visitors and increase your exposure, no SEO can keep you unknown, while bad SEO practices can have the opposite effect – meaning the search engines either can’t find you or worse still, will penalise you, making your site near impossible to be ranked or sand boxed.

As exposure on the internet is becoming more and more competitive, it is increasingly important to publish quality content regularly to make your site more visible to search engines and therefore, internet users. Because of this, businesses that effectively apply SEO will have a much higher advantage in the form of new and repeat visitors.

Can I Apply SEO Myself?

SEO is a complex and highly sophisticated form of marketing these days, but the basics can be easily understood by most people, and the smallest amount of knowledge can have a positive effect on a site’s search engine optimisation. There are several free sources of information available, including many informative articles as found in the blog section of our website. The articles will also give you a better understanding of our knowledge, many years of experience and unique high quality SEO Service that will provide Australia wide and globally.

Many factors may affect applying effective SEO techniques yourself, such as a willingness to self-educate, time availability, and how complex your site is. Reasons such as these are why people often turn to SEO specialists to apply these methods to their sites for them. Companies that offer SEO vary in their services – some may have a specialised area of expertise while others offer a much broader range of services. Nonetheless, it’s always a good idea to understand the key concepts of SEO Services. As Search Engine Optimization is a space that is ever changing. Google now rolls out around 600+ algorithm updates each year. Some affect SEO drastically when rolled out and others are minor adjustments, all very important to test and understand along the way. Lawyers thought they had it tough with all the laws being changed each year. These days being a dedicated Search Engine Optimisation Professional SEO Consultant, is much tougher.

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