Sydney Top 10 SEO Explains Four Reasons Why Business Websites Need SEO

Sydney Top 10 SEO Explains Four Reasons Why Business Websites Need SEO

Over 50% of businesses around the world have a website, which many experts have said is very low. However, large number of those website owners do not understand the importance of SEO and how it can help them to achieve more exposure and sales online.

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Sydney, Australia — (SBWIRE) — 10/02/2015 — A leading Sydney SEO company has launched a campaign to make businesses in Australia and around the world understand how important SEO is. The company that helps small to medium sized businesses increase their ranking in Google would like to make people aware of the sales they are missing out on by ignoring SEO.

According to a report, over 1 Billion searches are performed each day from people using desktop computers and mobile devices. Out of those searches, 20% of them are from people looking for local products and services, which shows how important it is for any type of business to have a website.

The Sydney SEO expert ( explained that if a local company did not have a website then they would be missing out on sales and driving customers to their competition. The search engine optimisation expert also explained if a website is not performing well it would just be as bad as not having a website.


To help local businesses in Sydney and around the world understand the importance of SEO, Top 10 SEO have put together four reasons why SEO is important.

1. Branding
According to Top 10 SEO, Search Engine Optimisation can help increase the branding of a business.

2. Traffic
All business websites need traffic to increase sales. However, if the site has not been optimised using SEO techniques then that would reduce the traffic according to Top 10 SEO. Through the use of SEO, a website can increase its traffic and generate more sales that will overall revenue.

3. Sales
For a business to survive it needs sales, and with the Internet being the biggest shopping platforms in the world, that is where more businesses are now trading. By increasing traffic through the use of SEO, it will then increase sales.

4. Reducing media advertising cost
Through using SEO techniques and being found in search engines, it would reduce the need for advertising in local and national newspapers, which would reduce a businesses marketing budget.

A spokesman for Top 10 SEO said, “SEO has become an important tool for businesses around the world. By using a professional SEO company, it could become one of the most cost-effective tools a business could use for increasing sales and revenue.”

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