Keyword Stuffing Is A Serious SEO Mistake That Can Damage Your Website and Google Ranking

Keyword Stuffing Is A Serious SEO Mistake That Can Damage Your Website and Google Ranking

Keyword Stuffing Is A Serious SEO Mistake That Can Damage Your Website Google Ranking.

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Having a website is a must for any business no matter how big or how small it is. However, having a website is just the start of the process for gaining customers. For a site to be fully functional and effective, it needs to be found in Google but if that site cannot be found by potential customers then the website is an expense the business could do without.

To make a website powerful for it to attract traffic and customers it requires effective SEO, but many people make the mistake of trying to cut corners by using bad SEO technique or Black Hat SEO as it is known. Using Black Hat SEO can damage a website, so I have decided to look at a common technique that is being used that could have a serious negative effect on a site.

Keyword Stuffing can be very tempting when looking to improve the search engine rankings for a website. However, not only will it make the site very unpopular with visitors by being unreadable, but it could also result in Google banning the site. If that happens, then it could take many years and a lot of money to repair the damage caused.

If you have never heard of the term keyword stuffing, it’s a very old and bad SEO technique that is used to manipulate the search engines. It works by repeating a phrase on the home page or another page of the website as many times as possible to have that page found by Google. A lot of people think it’s an obvious thing to do to achieve a higher ranking, but Google is very smart and will penalize the site.

The technique is not just bad for SEO; it can also damage the reputation of a business. If a potential customer visits the site and sees serious grammar problems and phrases repeated many times, then it does not make for a great user experience. If the site provides an image of low quality due to the content, then it will portray a bad image of the business, its services or products.

How To Avoid Keyword Stuffing?

By following these simple steps, you can avoid keyword stuffing.

1.    When writing content for a website, write for the user.
2.    Avoid over repeating phrases that you want to rank for
3.    Do not use hidden links or invisible content
4.    Avoid writing lots of content that does not make sense simply to repeat your keyword or phrases as many times as possible

It is very important to build a site for the user. By avoiding using bad SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing, you are providing a good experience for the user and keeping in with Google guidelines.

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