SEO for Accountants, Accounting firms and Bookkeepers

SEO for Accountants, Accounting firms and Bookkeepers, North Sydney and Chatswood

SEO for Accountants, Accounting firms and Bookkeepers

SEO for Accountants, Firms and Bookkeepers

The methodology behind Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is built around maximising your online visibility and therefore expanding your audience base. It is in this way that over time your business’s website will earn a high-ranking position within the search engine results page (SERP). Unlike Search Engine Marketing (SEM), SEO is free, and when understood and utilised effectively, can accumulate great profits for your business by drawing in prospective clients. We encourage you to continue reading, in order to broaden your knowledge of the SEO techniques you can implement to successfully market your firm.

Why Is SEO Fundamental in the Success of your Business?

In today’s day and age, we are fortunate to have a plethora of information accessible to us at our fingertips. However, most individuals are overwhelmed by choice, and thus naturally we tend to stick to the first page of our search. More so, when we find ourselves bombarded with constant demands, which is a predicament that is quite common within our meritocratic society; we need answers to our queries and fast. This is why if your website is not within the top ten searches, it is likely that your online presence will appear near invisible to the viewer. SEO for accountants and accounting firms will help bring your business to the forefront, by increasing traffic to your site and therefore expanding your audience base, which will, in turn, maximise your profits.

What Do Search Engines Do?

Search engines seek information that is current, relevant and accurate. They do so using algorithms, that rank website based on distinguishing factors, such as how frequently the website is updated, the quality of the content written, and whether other authorised pages refer to your site. If you consider these factors and take the initiative to improve your website, your efforts will be reflected through a higher rank on the SERP, which is the goal every business must keep in mind.


Key Factors to Consider When Optimising Your Website:

1. Performance and Visual Aesthetics:

It is becoming increasingly common to do searches through our smartphone devices, and therefore you must ensure your website is responsive to this advancement in technology. It is essential that your site reflects the professionalism of your business, and therefore you must apply automatic adjustments so that the layout of your website fits the screen perfectly. The ability to load successfully and the speed at which your site does so is a crucial factor that may influence whether or not your prospective client chooses your firm. To enhance the user experience, a successful accounting business should have a website that is visually pleasing, easy to navigate and informative. Consider using original articles, blog posts, videos and infographics, to intrigue the prospective client.

2. Ease of Navigation

A bright and easily navigable website will work not only in your favour but also that of your prospective client, who wants to go straight to the answers and decide whether your accountancy firm is the best in the local area. To create a sense of ease, label all categories correctly and arrange them in a logical order. When your website is user-friendly and contains accurate and relevant information for the client, they will continue to investigate your site. The goal is to minimise your ‘Bounce Rates’ which is the number of people who exit your website straight after clicking on it, as this will negatively affect your SERP.

3. Quality:

Remember, quality over quantity is a fundamental rule you must keep in mind for the success of your website. It is essential that your content is original, intriguing and well written. Writing quality information is far better than bulks of purposeless text, that will automatically make the reader’s brain switch off, along with the link to your website. Consider providing your client with food for thought, things such as testimonials from past and current clients, of which heightens the quality of your service. This will influence the viewer in seeking out your accounting expertise.

4. Popularity:

The amount of traffic directed to your site, accompanied by your authority rating, is crucial in the success of your accounting business. Authority is established when references are made to other popular and reputable websites. It would be beneficial for your citation profile, for you to contact industry organisations that can create links to your business.

5. Relevance:

Your prospective client wants to find what they searched for, so your website must meet this expectation. Use appropriate titles and descriptions, to make the answers easily visible to the user. The content should correlate to the keywords being searched for by the client, to increase your SERP.

6. Advancements Within the Accounting Industry

Within the accounting industry, advancements have been made, and additional things are coming into the marketplace. As such, there is now so much more we can do to enhance the processes, and help streamline these processes for our customers. The accounting world has received processing apps, such as Documents Storage and HubDoc. We also have e-commerce and point of sales, such as Shopflys and ScreenStripe. To support accountants with timekeeping and rosters, Tsheets is where we input the data. All of these apps are little self-contained programs, which enhance the functionality of the existing accounting software and thus add value by streamlining the processes. This is especially true for HubDocs because the app allows you to get your documentation into your system more efficiently, as there is no manual typing required. HubDoc has the additional benefit of being able to download bank statements straight away; therefore the need to go to the bank if you’re missing a report is rendered obsolete. It is also vital to offer bookkeeping services and provide paperless expense of receipt processing systems as part of your package, to help not just yourself but your customers as well.

Contact Top 10 SEO in Sydney, to rise above your competition within the accounting industry and maximise your client base to increase your profits. Focus on your business, whilst the professionals of our agency, secure you a spot on page 1.

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