Sydney SEO Firm – Why is it important to be visible on the Internet?

Sydney SEO Firm – Why is it important to be visible on the Internet?

SEO Firm in Sydney shows you how to get started with SEO from small to medium sized businesses

One of the top mantras of Top 10 SEO in Sydney is that we can’t succeed unless you do. That’s at the heart of every single new website design and SEO strategy project we take on – we partner with you to make sure your new site becomes your main portal for drawing in new customers and converting them to paying clients.

That idea – mutual success – afforded Top 10’s own Senka the chance to get to know some of  Sydney’s brave entrepreneurs (every new business venture requires courage) in a face-to-face setting as she was invited to give a talk to local business owners.

A Little Bit of SEO History

Senka has been in the website design scene right from the start. More specifically, she was literally one of the first to realise that it takes more than just having a “build it and they will come” attitude to websites – there were specific ways a site’s coding could be built to cause it to land higher in a search engine’s query results.

Things have changed since those first days of internet commerce, and Senka has kept pace. Google came to dominate the search engine realm, and it is forever remolding its algorithms to produce the most valuable results for people doing a search.

But Senka knew that simple SEO phrasing wasn’t enough to land websites on the first page of Google’s returns. (An SEO phrase is something a user puts into a search engine when they want information. For example, if a user wanted to find a suit tailor, they might simply try “tailor,” or “new suit”, or for something more local they might try “new suits Melbourne.”

So tailoring-related websites try to capture and own these various phrases as much as possible. The more they “own” a particular phrase, the higher they will show up in Google’s results. These businesses compete to own a higher percentage of a phrase by having content on their website like web page text, blogs, etc…)

That’s good, but that’s only the beginning. Senka delved much deeper to discover not just what content but which coding will help a website rise to the top. There’s proof that Senka’s exclusive formula works and that she’s one of the very few to have figured it out – many of Top 10’s partners are people who come from other website design companies needing their websites fixed right from the coding on up before they achieve any sort of success in Google’s returns.

Getting Your Small and Medium-Sized Businesses to Page One

Top 10 has been pretty successful in getting businesses noticed, even when in competition with major international concerns. Google thinks so too – they invited Top 10 to be a Google AdWords Partner, aiding Australian business to rise to the top.

In the video Senka takes us through her approach to getting our business-owner partners to Page One. She’ll talk you through phrases like “on-page SEO” and “off-page SEO”, what you should be looking for in a website designer, and other bits of advice.

If you’re more the reading type then after the video, hop on over to our website where we’ve got loads of easy-to-digest info. And of course you can always give us a call at +61 2 9569 6580 or send us a note via our contact page.

Let’s get busy getting your business to Page One.


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