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To really succeed on today’s ever increasing competitive world wide web; you will need more than just an appealing website. The standard pretty pictures and flash animation design does not work any longer. People are getting more educated and aware of the web every year, and the level of competition is getting stronger. What you need is the cutting edge, with an SEO Expert that really knows the online space. We can help you with our deep knowledge of web design, development and SEO Sydney, spanning over fifteen practice. Today you will find over  4.58 billion pages indexed on the web (Wednesday, 20 April, 2016)**

So if you want your potential customers to find your website in the major search engines then you need well researched and targeted SEO, integrated into your online marketing techniques.

Today you will find over  4.58 billion pages indexed on the web.*

After working with some of the world’s most well known brands, we have refined the methodology for what your enterprise requires to be profitable online. After working with companies like Linksys by Cisco, Rolls Royce, Revlon, Superhero Insurance and many more, we have devised a very unique methodology for our SEO strategy. This SEO strategy has made us one of the top SEO providers in Sydney. Most of our customers have started with zero rankings in search engines, and their outcomes are simply amazing, as you will see in the video testimonials on the case study landing pages as well as this testimonial below. We know how essential using both on page and off page search engine optimisation is in today’s every change online world with Google, as they are forever improving and changing the algorithms that can affect rankings.

“From being on page 15 on Google to now page 1 when clients search for wedding cars and many other keywords in my market, has turned my business around. I can’t thank you enough, from getting 1 or 2 enquiries per week to getting 15 to 20 online enquiries plus phone calls per week. Your work has seen my business become more visible on the net and increase my bottom line profits by 400+% and rising.”

MichaelI do wedding cars

Just imaging the impact that a 300% increase on your bottom line can do… how would this change your business and life forever?  What if your bottom line only increases by 50% from working with us? That would be pretty fantastic wouldn’t it! There is one simple thing that my most successful clients have done which rocketed their website into success. And that one thing is…

Take Action

They understood how critical applying both on page and off page SEO is important in today’s internet world.

Unless you take the next step forward with SEO, then your business may not grow online to meet your expectation. Your site will continue to sit on page 12 of search engines. It might just move a bit, or you might not be visible at all, on the main keywords for your niche market. When considering SEO and web design, most small companies make huge mistakes when they get impatient or decide to take on the Google giant themselves. These mistakes can cost you thousands or you could lose your website and domain name altogether if you trigger any one of the many Google penalty algorithms.

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