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Google’s Search Algorithm “RankBrain”

Hi and welcome back to the Top 10 SEO video lounge. Today’s topic is about Google’s new search algorithm RankBrain and SEO for Artificial Intelligence.

RankBrain has been rolled out full-time in the past 3 months (being in the limited testing stages for over a year). A form of Artificial Intelligence, it’s teaching itself about all the various forms of information that are available on the internet. The internet is a huge database or storehouse of knowledge and RankBrain is going through it all now that it’s been introduced by Google.

To get more in-depth information yourself try searching for “Hummingbird”, “RankBrain”, and “Artificial Intelligence.”

In a nutshell, RankBrain is now Google’s third-most important signal in their overall search algorithm (known as “Hummingbird”). This form of A.I. is designed to help Google’s search engine get a better grasp on what it is you’re searching for, bringing you the most helpful information even if the page it sends you as a search result doesn’t have the exact specific word(s) that you used in your search.

SEO for the search algorithm RankBrain is much the same as we’ve known SEO to be since Day 1. I’ve been doing SEO since 2000, and during those 16 years (at the time this video was created) I’ve been watching how SEO has evolved. That means that you have a resource of 16 years of in-depth and real-time knowledge from the constant testing that I’ve been doing to put toward pushing your website to page one of Google’s search results.

Being based in Sydney, Australia, I can help any clients around the world whether it’s in the U.S., the U.K., with that knowledge. I’ve been watching a lot of websites fluctuate their rankings across the board in various niche markets (since the introduction of the RankBrain search algorithm).

I’m happy to say that a lot of the sites I’ve worked on for my clients are holding position very well. In fact, instead of losing ground in the face of the introduction of the RankBrain search algorithm they are gradually climbing upwards until they reach a page one position for keywords that we’re targeting that have thousands of searches a month.

Why is page one so important?

Google is today’s Yellow Pages. You can be on page one for a lot less than you used to pay for your Yellow Pages ad back in the day. If memory serves the ballpark figure for a full-page ad in the Yellow Pages would cost Aus. $20,000. That was a lot for small to medium-sized businesses to spend.

Competing on Google costs a lot less money. The trade-off is that there is a lot of work that is required to get you to page one. Your site does need to be an authority over and above your competitors’. So it’s all about having great quality and engaging content.

The search algorithm RankBrain can read every aspect of a website like how long visitors are staying on the site, download speed, and so on. I have discovered that there are about two hundred and seventy-five main algorithms that need to be triggered to have your site be considered an authority. (There are actually many lesser triggers; the figure of two hundred and seventy-five represents the main triggers that I have identified.)

It really does help to have that depth of knowledge to apply to my clients’ sites and for a lot of them I am indeed getting them great visibility.

Once you are on page one organically for the targeted keywords expect your business to get calls regularly. I’ve had clients there for 7 years, for 6 years, for 5 years and they’ve only paid minimal amounts bi-monthly to help them hold their position.

The Return On Investment can be staggering – clients have reported getting back 1000% to 2000% of their investment in Top 10. They’re receiving profitable calls every week of every month of every year for 5 years, for 6 years, for 7 years, and that kind of return is priceless.

I hope you found this video helpful. Be aware that the RankBrain search algorithm is still learning and it will be altering and fluctuating what the signals are from here on. It will be an interesting future that we’ll be stepping into, and it really does have to help SEO professionals engaged on your company’s websites that can give you the value and the quality that you’re looking for and the right expertise.

If you’re wondering how to get your business’ website set to embrace the changes that RankBrain brings with it please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us; we’d be delighted in helping you get set up. Wit the aim of getting you on page 1 also, where you clients are searching. So it’s time you get in front of the people that matter.


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