Press Releases

Press Releases are usually one page long and used to announce major shifts, developments or product releases made by a company.


Press Releases

Press releases are public relations notices sent out to various news media and other publications. Usually about one page long, they are used to announce major shifts, developments, personnel acquisitions, and product releases made by a company.

What can Press Releases do for my business?

The short answer is that press releases are another way to bring attention to your company. When done right, they’re often the first snowball that can become an avalanche of positive attention for your business.

To expand on that, press releases are generally not read by the public at large (for example, your potential client or customer base). Instead they go to news media and publications. If those media outfits and publications deem your press release interesting then they will be the ones to highlight it in their broadcasts, publications, or other media, bringing it to the attention of the public. That media attention will usually include links to your website. The increased traffic on those links will tend to cause your website to rank higher in Google’s search engine listings, when someone searches online for a business in your field.

On top of that, press releases are relished by journalists and fact-checkers because all of your business’ nuts-and-bolts information is contained in the release, making their jobs easier when they want to gather your info in order to release it to the public.

How and when do I use a Press Release Service?

The people at those media outlets get hundreds of press releases a week. Maybe even thousands, depending on how big an outlet they are. In order to be one of the releases that grabs an outlet’s notice it has to matter.

First, that means targeting the press release to the right media outlets. If you’re a restauranteur opening a second restaurant in the city, CNN is not likely to be interested. But the more local newspapers, radio stations, municipal magazines, tourism-oriented magazines, and so on are far more likely to show interest.

Second, press releases are only for the really big moments in your company. If you’ve just hired on a big name in the business world as a financial advisor, or maybe they’ve agreed to come on as a mentor, then that’s more likely to warrant attention.

Third, if you can add some valuable content other than just text, it’s more likely to be noticed. Readers like graphs. They like pictures. They like embedded videos. They also like being the ones to tell the general public interesting information. If you can provide that kind of content to pass along then media outlet readers are more likely to give you the approval.

Press Release Service Strategies

All of this know-how isn’t something one acquires overnight. It can be especially frustrating when you’re spending your time and energy where it should be spent – on running your business.

Your Top 10 SEO team based in Sydney, Australia knows how to work the press release system. Not only do we send out well written and informative press releases on behalf of your business, we build that release so it is geared towards steering people to your website. The more people that visit your website, the higher you show up in Google’s searches. The higher up you appear the more people see you. It’s a positive cycle of reinforcement (and one that gives you far more people to convert into paying customers).

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