Important Benefits Of A Press Release And Press Release Distribution

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Important Benefits Of A Press Release And Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution

When people think about a press release a lot of them think about a big company having a meeting with a public relations company and planning their next campaign and paying a great deal of money to have experts around the table. However, it’s not like that. Yes, big companies do call upon public relations executives to launch a campaign and write press releases to promote their brand, product or service, but now, press releases are being used by small business owners, and they don’t have to be expensive.

Press releases are being used more and more each day by small business owners to increase their exposure and to promote their products and services, and they are also being used by SEO companies.

The Benefits Of A Press Release

1.    Promotion of a product or service. When a small business wants to get a message online about the special new price of a product or a special promotion or even a launch of a product or service, a press release is the quickest way to get the news out there.

2.    Press Releases are inexpensive. A press release is an inexpensive way of gaining promotion online. As well as being a low-cost way of gaining promotion online through major search engines, it is also an inexpensive way to communicate with journalists.

3.    Increase Online Visibility. Being seen online is very important. When a business has an online profile, not only does it help to drive traffic to a website but it also brings trust to a business and increases brand awareness.

4.    Press releases can continue to give exposure for years to come. A press release when distributed online can give a business many years of promotion. Not only will the press release always be online for people to read, but it will also be picked up by blogs and websites looking for new content. Blog owners are always looking for fresh content, and if they like your press release, then they will publish it on their site, which gives you even more exposure.

5.    Press releases help with link building. A press release is a positive way to generate quality links to help increase traffic and improve Google ranking.

Any business looking to trade online should seriously consider using a press release and enhance the many benefits they offer.

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