Lambert Investments Portfolio

Lambert Investments Portfolio

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Our Partner:

Lambert Investments Financial Group

The Story:

They had a very small and outdated website that was more like a landing page. This client is growing quickly as they have now purchased four…possibly five other companies and have expanded offices in Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney.

I was referred to them by another client of mine.

Over a period of four months we built them a new website that went live in January of 2016.

With the expansion of their business, they have acquired a large database of clients. That is where the website comes into play, providing all of their new clients information on who Lambert is and what are the many services they offer.

From its humble beginnings as a basic site providing information, we have completely transformed their website, from improving everything from the overall layout, to providing new and existing clients everything they need to know about their experience in dealing with Lambert.

Due to the complete website overhaul we did, the fresh new look of the site has instilled confidence in their ever growing clientele list, and further established their important online presence. A lot of work has gone into ensuring Lambert have everything they need and more on their site, and it has already paid off for them since the new site went live in the form of their continually growing list of clientele.

The Results:

As with all of our clients at Top 10 SEO Sydney, we have gone above and beyond to not only upgrade their site, but provided a complete overhaul.

Lambert Investments could easily be considered a prime example of upgrading a website, and the benefits speak for themselves. They have seen a surge of new clients since we improved up their online presence, and are continuing to see their client list grow due to our Web Design, Development and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services.

With our 17+ years of experience in SEO, Lambert Investments’ online presence was able to grow from a basic, outdated page to the eye-catching, informative sales machine it has now become. This is not only due to our newly applied overall design but also because of the massive increase in organic SEO they now receive.

Our continued efforts in applying our SEO experience means that Lambert will not only see their site appear at the top of search results for a year or so, only to then drop off the radar, but remain at the top for many years to come, increasing their presence, their client list, and ultimately their bottom line.

It’s Your Turn

At Top 10 SEO Sydney, we strive to put your business at the very top and keep it there, rather than simply provide a quick-fix solution that unfortunately so many other SEO companies do. Simply put, we’re here to help long term and support more SEO for Financial Advisors.

Call us now at +61 2 9569 6580 or drop us an email to see how we can get you to the top too. See you on page one!

Over the past 12 months Senka and her team of professionals have developed a fabulous website for our business and for our clients to view.

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