Summer Hill Wine Shop

Summer Hill Wine Shop

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Summer Hill Wine. Their website is  The purpose of their website is to generate Online wine sales and physical store promotion.

 The Story:

Summer Hill Wines had previously built a website on their own which unfortunately was not getting a lot of love from the wine connoisseurs of the internet world. Being partly broken did not help either. Their goal was simply stated – they needed a website that would draw in more traffic. But while it’s simple to say, creating a traffic-generating online strategy takes a lot of hard work. First things first – the old website needed a complete renovation both on the surface and deep into the code in order to leave visitors with a site that was both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.
After initial SEO consulting, the Top 10 team went into deep research mode, checking out Summer Hill Wine’s competition to see both what they were doing right and what areas were not done quite so well. Consulting with graphic arts pros, we helped create a brand new eye-catching logo that is now not only used as the website’s banner but also as their graphic for all of their branding on their labelling, their business cards, and so on.
After the banner the rest of the website – the colour palette, the fonts, even the size and shape of the product boxes and commerce buttons – was carefully constructed to aid in projecting Summer Hill Wine’s character as a selective and serious wine purveyor to its visitors. At the same time our coding team was cracking right along in getting the site to function in an efficient manner. Out went the older broken links. Every page was designed with easy commerce in mind, and woocommerce was integrated so that Summer Hill Wine and its customers could bypass banking and third-party add-on e-commerce expenses.

Building Traffic:

So that was all of the behind-the-scenes stuff sorted. The website ran like a dream and looked fantastic. Now came the other half of the equation – how to let the world know that Summer Hill Wines had reopened its virtual doors with a brand new online site ready and waiting to serve them?
Top 10 SEO in Sydney, put its SEO consulting machine into gear. “On Page SEO” means SEO that is found on the actual website and within the code. Every single bit of text you see on Summer Hill Wine’s website was crafted with the purpose of having the site show up higher in Google’s returns. “Off Page SEO” refers to anything found anywhere else on the web that leads potential customers back to the main website. This can mean links in social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, or mentions on other people’s websites.
Six months of intensive and on-going research followed all aimed at one precise goal – get Summer Hill Wines to page one of Google’s returns for as many SEO key phrases as possible.
It seems simple, but it can be a monster of an undertaking to accomplish. Luckily Top 10 has a team of google monster-slayers, and they tackled the problem of getting Summer Hill Wines the attention they deserved with much vim, vigour, and years of expertise.

The Results:

Simply put, Summer Hill Wine’s online business exploded. Visitors can now explore around 300+ products online. Summer Hill Wine’s clientele mushroomed from being local only to a nation-wide base. They receive daily orders from the entirety of Australia. Their return-client base has ballooned by over 100%. And traffic to their website? It grew just a little bit… to the tune of over 900%! We think it’s fair to say the Summer Hill Wine team are pretty happy with the results.

It’s Your Turn

What we did for Summer Hill Wine can be done for you. You’ve put a lot of time, effort, money, and concern into your business. Don’t you deserve to have all that hard work noticed?
We think so. And we can help you get that attention that you deserve. Please give us a call at +61 2 9569 6580 or Driving traffic to your website and let’s have a chat about getting your traffic-friendly website up and running and more SEO consulting for you[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Over the past 12 months Senka and her team of professionals have been developing an ecommerce website for my business. What a great job Senka and her team have done. Our website is a great example of their work and i could not be any happier. Senka’s professionalism has been outstanding. She listened to our ideas as well as giving us input into what she thinks would have been best for our successful website. As an existing customer of our business before she undertook the design and development of our website, meaning she gave us that little bit of extra help as i am still learning about computers and how to use them. She has answered all of our questions even though I am sure some of them would have sounded dumb, and still managed to handle our queries with the utmost professionalism. We were even getting orders around Australia before our website went live to our Inner West, Sydney market. We are amazed at how quickly our national database is growing thanks to her expert knowledge with organic search engine optimisation. We can see now that organic SEO is way more effective, powerful and cost effective. Once again, thanks for a great job!!! Our business is expanding rapidly.

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