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Superhero Insurance

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Our Partner:

Superhero Insurance. Their Website was
The purpose of ther website was to generate online life insurance comparisons and sales.

The Story:

Life Insurance.
It’s one of those things in life that are incredibly important but everybody avoids thinking about as much as possible. It’s understandable – contemplating one’s death or debilitating injury doesn’t usually make it to the #1 spot on anybody’s daily to-do list.
Throw in the fact that life insurance brings to mind teaming amounts of tiny fine print and the image of some insurance claim representative trying to find ways out of paying and you’re left with trying to build a website that nobody ever wants to visit without some serious prompting.
And it gets better. The competition for the Australian insurance market is intense. There are 34 private health insurance companies registered under the Private Health Insurance Act (2007). Some of them are homegrown. And some are divisions of gigantic international financial concerns that throw millions of dollars a year at marketing.

All the above presented two major questions:
Question 1 – How do we help Superhero Insurance make the unpalatable palatable?
Question 2 – How do we help them reach page one on Google returns in such a monster of a competitive market?

Superhero Insurance Begins

Part of the answer to the first question – making life insurance easy to swallow – was already in place. The website had adopted, you guessed it, superhero avatars, using crusaders such as Captain Protection to help explain various aspects of life insurance in as transparent a method as possible.
The second part of the first question was to invest in quality SEO content in order to get the website known as the place where people could get a straight answer about buying insurance.
What does “quality” content mean? It means that the offerings on the website pages and the website’s blog can’t just exist for the sake of existing. Without the quality part of the equation visitors would start to associate Superhero Insurance with a lackluster approach to insurance.
The second problem with just throwing out any old content posting is that Google is forever refining its algorithms (the programs that examine websites and ranks them). Google is getting very particular about making sure posts have something to offer, and they penalise sites that create junk posts in order to grab SEO.
We can hear your next question – what’s all this “SEO” stuff? The quick answer is that SEO (which means “Search Engine Optimisation”) centres around creating web content that captures Google’s attention when it comes to certain phrases. Someone might type in “life insurance Australia” into Google – that’s an SEO phrase.
The more your website “owns” one of these phrases the higher your website appears in Google’s returns. It gets a lot more complicated than that (you can get some more SEO info here), and it takes some serious research and expertise to really build an effective SEO strategy.

Building Traffic:

Your heroic Top 10 SEO in Sydney content team flew into SEO action.
Step 1 – Check out just how stiff the competition truly was. This involved (amongst other things) seeing what competitors’ web sites were doing right, what they were doing wrong, and getting into some pretty detailed analytics about which life insurance-related SEO phrases we could build on to see more immediate results, and which would require more effort and more attention over the following months.
Step 2 – In full research mode, the Top 10 team began building both on and off-page SEO (the latter meaning anything off the main website – press releases, contributions to other web sites, social media links, and so on).
Posts began to build, the website’s blog blossomed. Off-page links were established. Press releases were released. Top 10 SEO’s fifteen-plus years of experience and expertise went up against those millions of international marketing dollars and…

The Results:

Superhero Insurance’s website went crazy. They now show up on Page 1 of Google’s results for over 30 keyword phrases. They’re on Page 2 and 3 for a whole host of the most competitive key phrases with loads of traffic and they’re climbing ever higher.
Superhero Insurance is now considered an authority site for Online Insurance Quotes, positioned higher than most of those monstrous international business concerns.
Best of all? Traffic to their website exploded upwards by more than 800%!
That sounds pretty super to us.

You Can Be Super Too:

We helped a local business get the attention they deserved in a sea of big-business marketing dollars. We can help your business get the notice it deserves too.
Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at +61 2 9569 6580 or send us a note via our contact page and let’s get started building your traffic-friendly website.

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