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FUE Woods Technique Website

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“Why Isn’t My Website Getting Any Traffic?” – Dr. Ray Woods Case Study

Our Partner:

Dr. Ray Woods – The Woods Technique

His Website:


Purpose of the Website:

FUE Hair transplant technique – Inventor and Founder

The Story:

You have had a website for years. You have added new valuable content and videos every once in a while. You have shared some of the stuff on your website via social media. So why isn’t your website getting any traffic?

Or if it does get traffic, why aren’t they converting into paid (and returning) customers?

The thing about websites is that you have to get a thousand and one things right for it to work for you, but you only have to get one thing wrong in order to send your visitors off to your competition.

Take a Look at Your Current Website:

Firstly, there is such a thing as a website becoming dated. The aesthetics of your website can have a big impact on both the general appeal of your site and also on how you are viewed. A clean, easy-to-use website lends you credibility to viewers who were previously unfamiliar with your business.

On the other hand a messy site full of unnecessary flash, banner ads and buttons looks entirely unprofessional. Also, all the extras can hide functionality, making it more difficult for your visitors to navigate your site. The more difficult they find the experience the less likely they are to convert.

Next, does you website look like you’re keeping up with the times? On a PC does it take up the whole screen with an inviting or interesting picture on the front page? You don’t want your site to be one of those ones that only take up a third of the space down the middle with a small picture and a wall of text – these types of sites remind visitors of junk mail meaning they’re easily disposed of.

Is your site mobile-friendly? Websites now have to be designed so that they play nicely both with PCs, with tablets and phones (and soon watches and possibly eyewear). This year (2015) Google announced that more people are searching via mobile than via desktop computers.

Finally, what does your website revolve around? Specifically – what is your brand? What makes you unique and special and superior to other businesses in your field?

Building Traffic:

Dr. Ray Woods is a pretty smart guy. Just a couple of decades ago men and women who wanted hair transplants had to undergo a fairly barbaric and bloody procedure. Dr. Woods decided that this simply wasn’t good enough – in fact in was downright harmful and unnecessarily invasive – and invented a completely new non-invasive hair transplant procedure.

A decade or so later the Doctor’s procedure is becoming the norm across the hair transplant industry. Which actually creates a bit of a problem – how does he stand out amongst his competition when they’re all using the procedure that he created? He’s somewhat a victim of his own success.

As he states in this lovely testimonial video what makes him stand out (his brand) is that he is the founder and inventor of the procedure. All the other transplant clinics are Dr. Woods-ing it up when they get to work on a new patient.

He rightly decided that he wanted his website brought up to date to highlight this branding. He also knew that websites can fall out of date aesthetically so he wanted to implement a new interface and of course wanted help boosting his traffic.

Onto the new site!

The team at Top 10 SEO Sydney went to work first designing, presenting then building the new site. The Doctor’s old site had more than one broken link which is an antidote to visitor happiness. Links were fixed and built anew. Everything on the new site is now easy to find and works just as it should.

Next came the branding. When you have someone who invented a medical procedure that is now used worldwide you let people know about it. No matter what your industry, people want the best. The new site now has searchable functionalities, and information highlighting how the Doctor is the gentleman responsible for there being a new and less invasive hair transplant procedure worldwide. Nobody else in his field can make that claim.

An SEO strategy was organised and coded into every page of the site, making the pages both a valuable source of information for viewers and a search engine magnet to get those viewers to visit in the first place.

The Results:

The Doctor’s modern new site (only a couple of months old at the time of this writing) already has him on page one of Google’s results for multiple keywords.

The site itself is super easy to read and use.

His AdWords conversions have increased by a whopping 60%.

All of which means his new site works. It’s working for him even now as we speak, drawing heaps more calls and enquiries.

Is Your Website Working for You?

If your site isn’t getting the love it deserves then take a good hard look and decide…

  • …is it modern and fresh-looking?
  • …do all of its links work? Are they easy to find?
  • …does it offer valuable information?
  • …does it promote your brand (what makes your business unique in your field)?
  • …is it mobile-friendly?
  • …does it have an SEO strategy?

If you feel your website is time for an upgrade, or you just need help with SEO…then call us today. Time to get you some quality traffic.[/vc_column_text]

If you’re not sure about any of the above then we’d be more than happy to help you figure it all out. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at +61 2 9569 6580 or send us a note via our contact page.

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