Pay Per Click (PPC)

Being part of the Google Partner Community, we can set up your campaign with all the latest Google has to offer.


AdWords Management

If you’re dabbling in social media and online advertising you may have come across the phrase “Google Adwords.” These ads usually appear on the top of the page and on the right hand side of page one or two.

If you’re dabbling in social media and online advertising you may have come across the phrase “Google Adwords.” This is a Google program where you pay to have a short ad displayed on certain websites – you pay per click each time someone clicks through on your ad. It can take a lot to maximise the return of click throughs for the amount of money you spend on the advertising. Now if only you knew some Adword Management teams who are good at Adwords campaigns that they were invited by Google to become an Adwords Partner.

Oh wait… you do! Us!

Your friends here at Top 10 SEO in Sydney are so effective at building AdWord campaigns that they got the nod from Google itself. That means we’re stuffed full of knowledge on how to make every cent you put into an Adwords campaign pay you back with big fat dividends (eg. new customers to your website).

Here’s what you get when you partner with us to make those pay per clicks really pay off:

  • You get an Adwords Management team who can take a good solid look at your business and see if Adwords will be effective for you. If so, we know how to tailor the campaign geographically to maximise every penny you spend.
  • We have the insider know-how to track the goals and milestones of your particular business and website, and how to analyse data tracking so we can tell where your campaign is being effective and where it needs to be tweaked.
  • If you’re not a computer person we can either set up your Adwords account and payment options for you or we can guide you through the process so you fully understand what’s going on yourself.
  • We know how to analyse your pay per click data, your landing page (a page that the ads direct your new client to when they click on your ad) and use it to optimise your campaign.
  • Don’t know where to place your ads? Your Top 10 SEO in Sydney Adwords Management team sure does. We’re great when it comes to working with Google’s Display Network. Check out Google’s video here to see what we mean.
  • When your campaign isn’t returning the website views you had hoped you’re going to want to know how to test and reconfigure your Adword pay per click campaign. We’ll be happy to show you how.
  • Does data-tracking give you a headache? We’ll guide you through how to read your Google reports so you can not only understand it, but start using it as the tool that it is in making your campaign far more effective.


Your AdWords Campaign Partner

Do you want someone to show you the ropes so you can run your campaign yourself? We’re happy to help.

Or maybe you’d rather have an Adwords Management team that keeps an ongoing professional eye on your campaign, always tweaking it so it’s running at peak efficiency. We can do that too.

Give us a ring at +61 2 9569 6580 or send us a note on our contact page and let us help you launch your campaign today.