Our Team

Senka, Sydney

Founding Partner of Top 10 SEO

Senka is the founding Partner and Principal Consultant at Top 10 SEO. Sydney’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO Service Company) based in Sydney, Australia. As an author, instructor, and consultant, Senka has advised and worked with companies and organisations across two continents in web analytics, regular testing of Google algorithms, web design and development, and online search engine marketing (SEM).


Tomislav, Croatia

Head Web Developer

Boasting an impressive 10+ years of experience as a frontend developer in HTML and CS, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP, AngularJS, MySQL and many more languages used within the WordPress platform, Tomislav can adapt quickly where necessary, and is able to efficiently multitask in keeping with the dynamic nature of web development.

John, Sydney

Web Developer

I’ve drawn on my 25+ years of technology, consulting and training skills to support Australian small business and helps them use technology to their advantage – using plain English!


Daniel, London

Research and Creative Copywriter

As a highly adaptable wordsmith proficient in many areas of writing such as copywriting, creative writing, content and SEO writing, Daniel uses his 5+ years of experience to craft engaging and emotive copy on a broad range of topics and industry segments. Able to write to strict specifications and will contribute ideas if necessary.

Chantelle, London

Journalism and Press Release Director, London

Using her broad knowledge of the English language, Chantelle’s skills in journalism can pinpoint all the useful and necessary information that the public wants to know about our clients, and crafts them into finely tuned Press Releases, ready for distribution to the global media to spread the word about various company updates.


Cynthia, New York

Social Media Manager

With extensive experience in many social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to name but a few, Cynthia has what it takes to quickly and efficiently compile the very best articles and other elements of interest to help grow and nourish your following, and maintain your campaigns to expand your brand awareness.


Sumaira, London

Research Digital Analyst

A real stickler for attention to detail, Sumaira’s keen-eyed approach always ensures detailed analysis and reporting, making sure clients achieve the best possible results for their online visibility. With the use of five kinds of software, Sumaira has the abilities to compile and analyse all the necessary information to assist Senka and her team help clients reach their goals.