Does your online reputation need to be fixed?

Is your online reputation compromised? At Top 10 SEO we can help you restore your image and reputation on the web.


What is Online Reputation Management?

It’s the internet age. A business’ reputation can be ruined, rightly or wrongly, inside of a day. The slightest bit of negativity about your business can spread like wild fire, and then explode, taking your company down with it. Online reputation management is the way you make sure that your business’ reputation maintains the good character you’ve worked so hard on building.

Word-of-Mouth at Internet Speeds

Word-of-mouth has always been on the minds of business-owners. Positive word-of-mouth is the greatest form of marketing – it’s trusted because the recipients know and value the opinion of the people that are passing on the good news.

That’s great news, because your good business character will not go unnoticed online. If you respond quickly to a customer or client’s concern the whole world will see that you’re a stand-up kind of organisation that cares about the people it works with.
The flip-side of course is that a negative review from those same sources can send one’s business into a financial free-fall.
Worse still – those negative comments don’t have to be genuine. Smear campaigns aimed at your business or your key people don’t have to have an ounce of truth to them in order for them to be effective – they just have to be believed, even for just a little while.

Who’s Looking?

It goes further. Online reputation management isn’t just geared toward your clients and customers. Potential investors are out there. So are some very talented people who would make a great addition to your team. They don’t even have to believe the slander – they just have to see that your business has taken a hit and they’ll decide that they don’t want to board a sinking ship.

Positive and Proactive

It isn’t just your reputation at stake. Negative attacks can overwhelm your positive interactions, ripping your business’ presence from the front page of Google’s searches to send it plummeting to the wastelands that lie beyond page two. Fall any further and your business might as well not exist online at all.
Happily, the Top 10 SEO team has 15+ years of online reputation management experience. If your online character takes an unwarranted hit we know how to rally the social media outlets to get your positive reviews (and your business) back to Google’s page one where it needs to be.
Even better, we know how to be proactive. That means we help you build up a wall of earned positive reviews and interactions that will make it so much harder for any sort of negativity to ever make any impact at all.

Building Your Positivity

Whether our online reputation management is reacting to negativity or helping you build your positive presence online, we’ll help you:

  • Spread the word of your positive real-world work – Is your business doing something to help the world get a little bit better? Are you and your people doing some charity work? Sponsoring a Little League team? Setting up scholarships? Anything and everything you do in the real world can be reflected online through social media, blogs, and web sites.
  • Highlight happy client/customer interactions – Are there videos out there showing happy customers using your product? How about Twitters where clients sing praises about your services? All of these wonderful mentions can be used to create a mountain of good news that will make it so much harder for your competition to try to tear you down.
  • We’ll show you how to use social media to show just how positive you can be – We’ll help you build up a social media following of people who not only sing your praises, but will come to your defence if you are attacked. It’s one thing for your business to deny a negative claim; it’s a whole other thing when a well-spring of customers rises up to defend you.
  • We’ll work with you to build up a library of valuable content – The more you give (advice, tips, valuable information) the more chances you have of showing up higher in Google’s returns. The higher you are, the harder it is to tear you down.

Top 10 SEO in Sydney’s Online Reputation Management

The internet is an immensely valuable tool for your business. Unfortunately, for some, it’s also a way to attack their competition instead of building up a body of their own good work.
The team here at Top 10 SEO want to help your business take the high road by building up a rich and rewarding online presence that will make you virtually unassailable by your attackers.
Please give us a call at +61 2 9569 6580 or send us an email via our contact page. Let’s get to work spreading the good word about your business.