A Few Reasons Why Off Page Optimisation is so Important for Your Website!

Off Page Optimisation

A Few Reasons Why Off Page Optimisation is so Important for Your Website!

Why Off Page Optimisation ? Why is it so important now?

Small businesses across the world need to wake up to the incredible difference Search Engine Optimisation can make for their business. So many people assume SEO is too expensive and end up responding to random emails that arrive in their inbox offering low-cost SEO. These offers are most likely providing nothing more than Black Hat SEO, or other services that will never end up getting them the results they’re seeking. If anything, they can severely damage the visibility of your website through poor and outdated practices.

The number of offshore spam emails from companies claiming they are SEO experts is very disturbing. A large percentage of companies making an effort to raise their rankings on the search engines end up ignoring the process of Off-Page Optimisation. They simply don’t understand the importance – and that’s why I’ve decided to lay it out for you in plain English in this post. I want small business owners to understand how effective SEO can be in actually raising their position on Google, and as a result, increasing their visibility on the web and attracting more visitors to their site. Off-Page SEO was born in January 2014, back when Google made a significant change to their algorithms. Before then, all I had to do was build high-quality websites with On-Page SEO to get them to page 1 of Google search results. Even now, those sites are still on page 1 for many keywords. All sites built after that date should invest in the new services of Off-Page SEO as a result of this significant shift.

I am excited to share the photo in this post that shows that my website is on page one for the exact keyword phrases “Off Page SEO Sydney” and “SEO in Sydney”, and many more, as I am updating this post once again. Over 230 phrases now on page 1 now in my niche market – which is great, and rolling out on many more! All on page 1 without paying Google 1 cent for being there.

When taking steps to improve your website’s ranking on Google, you should first evaluate the health of your website, checking it for any functional problems. Once you’ve sorted that out, you need to create high-quality content, increase the site’s loading speed, optimise every page, include keywords and fine-tune the title tags, meta elements, and description. Now, you’re ready for an effective link building campaign. Once again, Google is expecting so much more on your website these days to rank it well.

Link building campaigns (this has drastically changed now in 2017) can go seriously wrong if you’re of the opinion that the more links you have, the better you will rank on Google. Do not go out and buy hundreds or thousands of links because this can do serious damage to your website. When you are slapped with the Penguin Penalty by Google and sandboxed, it is very costly and difficult to remove, and may take over a year to recover… if at all. This can kill your online business. The idea is to gradually build quality links over time – the kind that will drive traffic and raise your rankings.

Picard holds iPad in this clip from Star Trek: TNG Season 6 episode 4, titled Relics. Looks like Steve Jobs got his inspiration from somewhere. Made in 1992. Fascinating! Pretty much before the internet was born.

Link building is something only a professional SEO expert should do, otherwise you risk damaging your website, as mentioned above. But if you intend to build the links yourself, here are some useful tips to take note of:

1. Do Not Try Black Hat SEO techniques

It is vital that you do not fall for any of the various Black Hat SEO techniques – simply ignore those spammy email offers from companies offering these techniques. Using Black Hat SEO techniques can damage your site and possibly get it banned from Google. I am currently receiving heaps of these emails from offshore companies. And like me, almost all Australians are definitely getting sick of being bombarded with these emails – and the weekly calls from these companies make it so much worse. If anything, it is bordering harassment now.

2. Do Not Rush This

You need to work slowly and patiently when you’re building links to your site. If you rush your campaign, you can harm your site. Remember, quality links are what’s important, not the quantity or how fast you can add links.

3. Find Authoritative Sites

When undertaking a link campaign, it is important that you only choose high-quality, authoritative sites to link from.

4. Build In Do-Follow Links

When building quality links to your site, you must keep in mind that it’s important that the links are Do-Follow links. When clicking on a Do-Follow link, it passes link juice onto the other, which increases your site’s SEO metrics.

When Off-Page Optimisation is applied correctly and well, it makes up an important aspect of your overall SEO and will increase traffic to your website. But if it goes wrong, it can do serious damage to your site.

This is why I recommend that hiring an SEO professional to handle your Off-Page optimisation is the way to go, and it will not be as expensive as you may think!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me on hello@top10insydney.com.au  I would love to help you – we can schedule a Skype call so I can help with a quick check on your site and answer any questions you might have.

Thank you for visiting my site and reading my article. If you are looking to post on my blog to add a reciprocal link, once again please email me so we can discuss further. hello@top10insydney.com.au


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