Mobile Friendly Search is Now an Important Aspect of SEO

Mobile SEO

Mobile Friendly Search is Now an Important Aspect of SEO

Why is Mobile SEO so important?

If you’re an SEO specialist, digital marketer or writer, you are probably aware of how vital mobile optimisation has become. Last year mobile Internet searches outpaced desktop searches for the first time ever, and this trend will likely continue. This is why companies are giving their attention more to mobile compatibility, and this too won’t go away anytime soon.

Google Launched Update for Mobile SEO Search

On March 16, 2016 Google announced they would soon launch an update intended to give more importance to the ranking signal assigned to mobile seo search optimisation. Their initial press release put the launch date at early May of this year.

Tips for Making Your Website More Mobile-Friendly

1. Incorporate Responsive Web Design
When you implement responsive design, those using mobile devices can access social media buttons from their mobile devices, read your content easily on all mobile devices, clearly see every web page on your site, and take advantage of promotions just as easily as they would on their desktop computer. This is what makes a website friendlier to those using mobile devices because it eliminates much of the frustration mobile-only users frequently experience when trying to interact with websites.

2. Post Unique Top-quality Content
This is something Google puts a premium on, top-quality content that is unique. This is one of their strongest ranking factors and it’s unlikely to change no matter what else occurs with regard to SEO. Due to this, it is vital that you continue to create and publish reputable content while you’re making your site more responsive.

3. High-resolution Images are a Must
Unless your images are high-resolution, they won’t be seen on a tiny screen. This is why it is so important to make sure the images on your website are high-resolution. This is one way to enhance your user experience and streamline your mobile load times, all to help your website have a higher ranking in SERPs.

Mobile Optimisation is Fast Becoming Just as Important as SEO

Now that Google has placed a top priority on its mobile-search ranking signal, it means that mobile search is increasing in importance as time goes on. Online Marketing Professionals and SEO experts will see more focus being put on mobile optimisation. There is no doubt that mobile traffic will keep growing and before long mobile optimisation will be synonymous with SEO. Companies should start preparing for this now. By ensuring that you have as mobile-friendly a website as possible, you are offering your users a better experience, which gives you an advantage over competitors in terms of both mobile search and SEO.

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