Bebo Theme Video Tutorial – How to use wordpress?


Bebo WordPress Video Tutorial, Guiding You on How to Use WordPress

Here is another video tutorial to help you to effectively manage, edit and update your WordPress website. By the end of this video you’ll know exactly where to go and what do to when looking to make changes to your site, how to remove and add images in the different sections such as a featured image or product image, and how to add and edit menus.

Most of these helpful tips are fairly straightforward for someone looking to edit and maintain their website, and serve as a useful go-to guide when needing a reference point for certain sections. You’ll learn how to edit sections such as a testimonials or product page, and how to add the all-important Title and Meta tags to assist with search engine optimisation.

Also included is how to manage a product on a product page, covering areas such as price, and how to include a sale price when and if necessary.

WordPress is fantastic for having complete control over the maintenance of your website, but it can take a long time to learn the ins-and-outs of how everything works and fits together. This video contains all the basic functions needed for adding new content such as text and images, and how to change various useful settings.

While these hints, tips and pointers serve as an overview for most WordPress themes, please bear in mind that this video focuses on the ‘Bebo’ theme, and that some settings may differ for other themes.

Listen out for Senka’s galah’s making an appearance at 9:30 for some comic relief!


The time-line for today’s video is:

00:00 – Introduction
00:22 – How to edit pages
01:22 – Editing content
02:35 – How to edit the image carousel
03:55 – How to edit blog posts
04:47 – How to add/change a featured image
07:14 – Editing the product
08:35 – Entering title tag and meta tags on product page
08:55 – Entering product short description
10:00 – Editing product image
10:32 – Editing testimonials
11:47 – Editing contact us page
13:30 – Changing image in contact us page
14:44 – Changing the widget area
16:20 – Creating a new menu
16:44 – Changing the logo
17:28 – Changing social media settings
19:10 – Conclusion