Google Plus Pages Business Listing

Google Plus Pages Business Listing

Something more businesses don’t seem to know about – Google Plus Pages.

It’s a little thing that can lead to a lot of business, and Top 10 SEO in Sydney is happy to help you set your listing up as we know the full scope of maximising its use with SEO.

Google Local Business Listing
You may have noticed that when you Google for a local business listing some of the results have maps beside them. Or if you’re on Google Maps and you search for local businesses, pins will show up on the map. When you hover your cursor over a pin information about the business pops up.
That’s a Google Plus Business Page.

There are all sorts of reasons why we want you to get a listing of your own:
•    It allows your customers and clients to leave reviews of your business that are easily seen by even casual viewers.
•    Your business becomes highly visible on Google Maps.
•    There are a lot of businesses that haven’t made a Google Local Business Listing, which means you get a huge advantage over your competition when it comes to being noticed online.
•    Your customers and clients can get easy travel directions to your physical business location.
•    There are more ways for potential customers to either deliberately find your business or to just virtually stumble across it.
•    Gets your business’ contact info, hours of operation, and website link in front of viewers in a concise way.
•    You and your customers can add pictures to your Google Business Listing which can display both your product or service and can get across the voice or vibe of your business. Studies have shown that viewers will often use photographs to help them decide between similar businesses – so let them see all those smiles!
•    Makes it easy for your customers or clients to share their happiness with your business by giving you a +1 for your Google Business Page which gets shared with their entire contact list, making for quick and easy word of mouth advertising.
•    Your Google Plus Pages allows you to have ongoing conversations with your client base meaning you can build a loyal and friendly following.

Getting Your Business the Attention It Deserves
You’ve put a lot of your time, sweat, worry, dreams, and of course money into your business. We want to help you shout an invitation out across the internet for everyone to come and see what you’ve accomplished. Most of all when you are ready to open your doors to the world.

Top 10 SEO in Sydney can help you get your Google Local Business Listing set up right with appealing and helpful content that will draw customers in to your website and through your front door.
So, we’ll see you on page 1.

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