Local SEO and Google Business Pages

Local SEO Sydney

Local SEO and Google Business Pages

Welcome back to the Top 10 SEO video lounge. Today’s topic is local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Local SEO

Local SEO is SEO designed to ensure that your business is found in your local region. Let’s say for example that your business is located in London, England. People local to that area will use Google to search for businesses close to their proximity. This means that their search engine phrases will be along the lines of “London hypnotherapists” or “Reiki healing in London” or “yoga centres in London”.

What will come up on Page One for people searching for those localised terms are, in the top four spots of the results page, Google AdWords ads (which are paid-for spots where you, as the business, pay for every click to Google).

Underneath that you’ll usually see a little box come up with a map with three business listings. That is your Google business page space. Google owns and controls that space and the good news is that this space can also be search engine optimised.

Once that space is optimised you can get a lot more exposure and visibility in some of the prime “real estate” on the Page One space.

Moving further down we find ten organic positions. These are listings that are earned through your website being considered valuable to the searcher by Google’s algorithms as opposed to being paid for like the top four spots.

You also want to be in these organic spots (along with the mapped business-listing spots) because a lot of heat maps (maps that show which parts of a website are interacted with the most) and tests over the years have shown that people are very aware that the top four spots are paid ads, meaning that they aren’t necessarily the best sources of information in regards to their search. The majority of Google’s users disregard the paid ads and head for the top organic returns.

Underneath the organic results, at the bottom, you’ll usually find an additional two paid-for Google AdWords results. These bottom two ads are only an occasional result, and their appearance can be bumped if the user has used long keyword or contextual search phrases.

Local SEO Goals

You’ll want to do research to make sure that you’re ranking on Page One for great quality keyword searches and phrases that have decent traffic so that you can draw in leads. Once those leads give you a call or download your free e-book or you get their name and email they’re already a warm lead meaning it’s not so difficult to convert them into a quality paying client. (Remember you’ve always got to do the right thing by them and offer a great quality of service.)

Local SEO is all about looking after the business owners out there. The simple truth is that you’re going to get more out of Google’s results by cultivating a relationship with Search Engine Optimisation specialists and professionals.

Top 10 SEO Sydney

Here at Top 10 my team and I have been designing websites for over 18 years now, and I’ve been studying and working in SEO since its inception in 2000. (If you can believe it, before SEO search engines used to list answers from A to Z.)

Since then SEO has grown so quickly that everything got scrambled and it became much more difficult for a business to be found. In those early SEO days I wrote my own code that, with updates, still works extremely well to this day.

This code, which figures out how best for a particular website to be found by Google’s spiders (the programs that scour website pages, recording what the page’s content is about), works very well for clients who are serious about investing in their websites so that they can achieve visibility in their targeted market.

Research is very important in ensuring that you’re getting your website seen by potential clients specific to your market. There’s no use (plus it’s a waste of your money) to be accidentally promoting your coffee house website to people searching for divorce lawyers. The more targeted your website, the hotter your leads will be, resulting in a far better conversion rate.

Additionally, I find that my previous experience of being an art director for large ad agencies helps a great deal in creating websites that speak with authority to visitors because I can integrate my design and visual communication skills into my clients’ websites. My design diplomas and qualifications allow me to apply conversion-enhancing design points (e.g. colour psychology) as well as the specialised SEO benefits (which are continually being researched and refined).

Top10inSydney.com.au  the new website for our website design and SEO company, is only about a year old at the time of this writing and I’ve already placed it on Page One for keywords that I’m targeting and it is on page two and climbing for major keywords (keywords that have immense competition).

How to choose an SEO business

Our SEO methodology is being constantly refined and tested and is working extremely well, not to mention faster than most of the competing SEO companies. I would recommend that when you’re searching for an SEO company that you get them to show you their case studies to prove that they do in fact have the chops to get you on Page One.

Find some of the companies they have built websites or SEO campaigns for. Search for them on Google using different phrases related to that particular business and see how well they show up in the organic results.

Getting back to the local business box (the box with the map) in the Google results, it can be optimised however most people don’t set it up properly and they have no idea of the quality and the value that they’re missing out on.

That map makes your business much more visible in a lot more places on the internet over and above and separate from your website.

We here at Top 10 would be more than happy to get you set up to take full advantage of local SEO. Give us a call or drop us an email. If you want more info on a variety of topics relating to how you can boost your business with your website check out our tip pages and my blogs.



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