7 Biggest Mistakes in Website Design

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  1. Never copy content from other websites. Why?
    Whilst copying another website may be a quick easy way to get copy to your site, apart from infringing copyright laws, how sure are you that their information is 100% correct and working properly.
  2. Many websites with poor content are being deranked by Google.
    Poor content will lead not only to being deranked by Google but will affect the effectiveness of your site and undermine your service or product. Upgrade your site with interesting well written content.
  3. Not Capturing Visitor Details.
    So you have a great looking site but fail to get the response you require? You need to be sure you can capture the information of the visitors to your site. Find out the best ways of doing this.
  4. No Social Media Icons?
    Join in the social media revolution and make is easy for your visitors to show they “LIKE” your site.
  5. Using Stock Photos?
    A picture tells a thousand words so why use a stock photo that appears on other peoples site. Use real and unique photos so people get to know you and your brand.
  6. Assuming you designer knows what you want?
    Do not assume your web designer will know exactly what you had in mind. The rule of thumb says that MOST good designers are not psychic. Take the time to plan what you want and discuss it with your designer.
  7. Lack of sound strategy and purpose.
    In planning a website, think about the real reason why you want a website, what are your expectations and is your present site doing what you need?