Flatsome Theme Video Tutorial

Flatsome WordPress Theme Tutorial – SEO Service Sydney

1. How to change and add content into your woocommerce website

So, you’ve picked your WordPress Theme for your site – now what? You’re going to want to add pages, and most importantly, content, in order to get your point across and make your site stand out.

Being able to edit your own content on your website is one of the most vital skills you can possess as an online business owner. There will always be times where you’ll want to add, delete or slightly tweak some of your pages. This is simply due to the dynamic nature of the internet – times, they’re always a-changin’, and so your site needs to, too.

Here we show you how to add pages and edit existing content using today’s example, the Flatsome WordPress theme, using the UX editor.

While it might all seem a little bit complicated at first, it’s actually all very simple once you’re used to it. As with anything new, it just takes a little while to get used to it. Once you’ve got to grips with the various settings you’ll need to use, you’ll be a page editing pro in no time.

Naturally you’ll want to add text, so we show you how to add and edit your text boxes, and how to place them where you want them. The same goes for images and other media – we’ll show you how to add images and how to place them wherever you want them to be.

Just be careful about choosing the placement of your text and media. If you add too much of one thing and not enough of another, you run the risk of your pages looking messy and scaring away your visitors. If in doubt, we recommend you consult your web design and SEO consultant who can set you on the right track.

2. The video below shows you how to edit your very complex Uber Mega Menu.

The uber mega menu for wordpress is quite complex. Here my developer Tommy is good enough to go into detail showing you how to edit and manage this part of your website. Please Note: Do be careful with any edits on your website. Anything that is broken by you from here onwards will be charged as extra to fix. I have moved my developers to continue to work on other advanced ecommerce websites from here on.

The video is around 30 minutes long.

3. The video below shows you how to add products to your Woocommerce website


The video is a few minutes long and Shows you how to manage your WooSocio Plugin that feeds content into your website


The video below shows you how to fix the home page header links.

The video below shows you how to add as many images as you like per testimonial on your testimonial page. March 2017.