Enfold Theme WordPress Tutorial Video

Enfold Video Tutorial

Enfold Theme WordPress Tutorial Video

Enfold Theme WordPress Tutorial Video

Today’s video tutorial is all about working with the advanced Enfold Theme that we have customised to match your site. As always, our videos are intended for beginners, showing you how to use the options made easily available within the website’s editor system. Thankfully, you don’t need to know any coding in order to be able to edit your website.

Here’s one hint up front – organisation matters. When searchers visit your site they want to be able to get at the specific information that they’re looking for as easily as possible. It can take only a few seconds for a visitor to become frustrated with a disorganised site and to move on to the competition.
So as you work with your site put yourself in your visitors’ virtual shoes and arrange your content in such a way that it makes it as easy to find as possible. Also ensure your content is informative, factual and helpful.

Enfold Theme WordPress Tutorial Video Timeline:

00:00 – Introduction
00:38 – How to log in as the site’s admin
01:08 – How to access the dashboard (where you will do most of the work on your website)
01:25 – How to add a new page. Going over the various options for new pages (remember to add categories to your pages to make them easier to sort and find for your visitors)
03:50 – How to add images (and other media) to your pages via the dashboard
04:47 – How to add links to your page (make sure you choose to have the linked page open in a new tab)
09:45 – How to add a new post
12:05 – How to edit existing posts
13:40 – How to add services to your services page
16:05 – How to add a new portfolio entry and edit existing entries
18:32 – How to work with your gallery page
20:20 – How to edit the info found in a sidebar (e.g. contact info)
22:08 – How to change info found in the top bar
23:15 – How to edit your testimonial page
24:34 – How to edit your FAQ page
25:57 – How to edit your home page
29:02 – How to edit your contact page (including a map to your physical location)

Future Publishing

Go to Edit under “Published on” to control your dates.

Changing dates for future publishing

Also, remember that on your blog posts, you are able to set your blog posts to publish automatically into the future. Please ensure you are posting at least one blog a week or one a fortnight. This will assist with your organic rankings. Also check back to me on keywords to help you write subjects around that have search volumes. My contact details are on this Link or just email me at senka@top10insydney.com.au to help keep you in the right direction with your Organic SEO in Sydney :0)

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