Enfold Theme Video Tutorial


Enfold is a very flexible and unique theme that I chose to use for my client.  It took quite a lot of behind-the-scenes hard coding to create this custom built website for my client’s requirements. This project kept my team quite busy over a few months.

As always, the instructional video on this page is intended for beginners who have little to no experience with administering and editing a website.

The timeline of this video looks a little something like this:

• 00:00 How to sign in and get to your website’s dashboard (the central command centre of your website)
• 01:05 How to edit your homepage (using the visual composer)
• 06:20 How to edit your “About Us” page.
• 07:34 How to edit a team gallery page (editing boxes for individual members of your team)

• 09:07 How to add images into your media gallery. The media gallery is where you store all of your uploaded photos (like how you save pictures on your computer under the “My Pictures” folder). These pictures, once uploaded, can be used on the chosen page of your Enfold Theme website.

• 12:03 How to edit the accordion. The accordion is that section of your webpage that flips through pictures or boxes of text in a horizontal fashion.

• 14:24 How to edit calculators and other extra add-ins on your site. Lambert Investments being a Financial Planning business, they wanted a number of calculators built into their website that visitors could use to assist clients with working out their potential investments. Such add-ons from third party sites, require knowledge of programming so we’d suggest that you let your website team handle any changes you want made as even a slight accidental change in the code can render it unusable.

• 15:40 How to add to and edit your blogs or news feeds.
• 16:44 How to share your blog posts to social media via built-in share buttons.
• 17:08 How to edit and/or approve comments and replies left on your Enfold theme website.

As always, if anything internet-related leaves you wondering how to work it out, we are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions. Just click on the link here to go to our contact us page where you can leave a note or call us today.