Embed Video into Your Blog, Plus 3 More Useful Tools to Help You Manage Your Business Workflow

Embed Video into Your Blog, Plus 3 More Useful Tools to Help You Manage Your Business Workflow

This article shows you how…it’s easy!

The subject came up while our very own CEO, Senka was presenting to the ladies at the First Impressions workshop. So we thought we would create and upload a video showing how simple it is to include a Youtube video onto your WordPress website or blog. How to block your competitor’s videos from showing up on the last frame of your youtube video and embed video via html.



The video’s timeline breakdown looks like:
00:00 – Your Youtube channel dashboard
00:28 – Selecting the Video Manager tab.
00:45 – Selecting the specific video.
01:10 – How to get the embedding code.
01:18 – How to resize the video.
01:52 – Copying the code and inserting it into your WordPress website.
So now we know how to embed a Youtube video, but do we know why?


We want our web pages to show up higher in Google’s search engine results (preferably on page one).
Video is a good ranking signal to Google’s algorithms. In fact this study shows that pages with video content are 53 times more likely to reach page one of the results.
This happens because Google’s algorithms are designed to help searchers navigate to the most useful information possible, and that often means video links where people can show you how to videos instead of merely giving you written instructions.

Click Rates

Posts with videos have over a 40% greater chance of nabbing a click-through. However if you don’t embed video in your own website then that click-through sends the searcher to the Youtube video at Youtube itself, instead of to your own website.

Videos Help Lower Bounce Rates

The bounce rate of your website is how many people leave your website after only viewing a single page. We don’t want this – longer times spent visiting your site raises your standing in search results.
Youtube videos keep visitors on your site longer as they stay to watch the video play out.

People Will Link to Your Videos

Links also play a major role in telling Google to rank your website higher in its results. Those links are created by people on other websites and blogs. Those people are more likely to link to a helpful video than they are to just plain text.

Additional Helpful Tools for Beginners

Senka has chosen to share with you three other tools that can help online neophytes organise their business.

2) Dropbox

Think of Dropbox as the digital equivalent of one of those You-Store-It places. It allows you to securely store pretty much any kind of digital file you want offsite at any size. At the very least it keeps your personal computer from getting cluttered up, choking your memory. It’s also a good way to back-up any information you have on your computer – and you should be backing your information up regularly. In addition, you can allow certain users access to specific (but not necessarily all) of your folders within your Dropbox account, which makes it easy to exchange files. You can get more info on Dropbox through this link.

3) Google Docs

Another great tool for collaboration is Google Docs. If you have a Google email account then you already have access to Google Docs. Just like with Dropbox, Google Docs allows multiple people access to word docs, spreadsheets, etc. that you specify. You can set levels of access by user, and it also allows you to jump back to earlier versions of documents. You can get started with Google Docs through this link.

4) Workflowy

Workflowy is a super-simple list maker. You can create a to-do list, add bullet-points for sub-goals, and so on. Quickly get those ideas about improving your business out of your head and into a list where you can see, organise, and share them. Check out Workflowy through this link.

Any Questions?

As always we’d be delighted to help you get sorted on your website. We can help you and your friends with website upgrade to update your website and also gaining more traffic to your website with both organic search engine optimisation, paid through Google adwords for instant results and assisting you with your social media. If you have any questions at all please get in touch with us through our website or call us on +61 2 9569 6580.

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