Ecommerce Website Design – Luxi WordPress theme


Today’s video is about how to use the Luxi theme ecommerce website design on WordPress.

We find that a lot of our clients enjoy Luxi because it’s easy to pick up for beginners and offers a lot of versatility to be able to customisation options for the more advanced user.

In addition, Luxi is fine-tuned to enhance your SEO efforts, which means it gives you a head start on the keywords and phrases that will get you to page one of Google’s search results.

As always, our tutorials are intended for beginners.

The video timelines are as follows:
01:35 – A tour of your website’s features.
03:50 – How to get to the Dashboard of your ecommerce website design (the central hub for editing and maintaining your site). How to add options for your website’s theme (for example, if you want to change your logo).
07:30 – How to add new pages.
11:30 – How to add new posts.
13:23 – How to edit an existing post.
15:30 – How to delete a post or page.
16:40 – How to add products to your product pages.
20:35 – How to edit options for a product (for example, if your product comes in different colours, or has different prices for different sizes or materials). This also includes adding or maintaining your in-house tracking (e.g. stock or shipping numbers) via your ecommerce website design.
29:00 – How to edit an existing product. This includes creating variations for existing products (e.g. different entries for different sizes).
37:05 – How to edit your various main pages (e.g. your Home or About page). Includes adding product category tabs that appear on your home page. This also includes editing images that appear on these pages.
41:45 – How to edit your Contact page.
44:23 – How to change the slider image on your Home page.
46:45 – How to change your menus (the drop-downs that your visitors see when they mouse over the options at the top of your pages).
48:50 – How to set up your ecommerce options (e.g. shopping, shipping, payment options, etc.).

There’s a lot of information to absorb in this video, especially if you’re new to ecommerce website design. But not to worry, you should have little difficulty in learning how to use your site. And as always, if you have any questions at all we’d be happy to help get you sorted out, so drop us a note via our contact page.