Sydney SEO Expert Warns of the Dangers of DIY SEO

Sydney SEO Expert Warns of the Dangers of DIY SEO

Featured in Digital Journal. A well know US publication – Top 10 SEO is warning businesses in Sydney of the problems DIY SEO can cause. The company that works with local and national companies for better Google Search Engine Rankings has seen the damage it has caused.

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Sydney, Australia — (SBWIRE) — 09/25/2015 — The Internet has become an important marketing tool for businesses in Sydney and Australia with over 83% of the population using it for shopping and leisure. That is why experts recommend that all business owners should have a website built to increase sales and revenue. Top 10 SEO, a Sydney SEO expert backs the advice that all small business owners need a website but warns of the dangers of DIY SEO.

A lot of small business owners in Australia are using DIY Search Engine Optimization techniques in the hope their basic skills will generate increased Google rankings and drive traffic to their sites. However, a lot of those business owners are causing serious damage to their website with Search Engine Optimization experts like TOP 10 SEO repairing the damage that has been caused.

A lot of businesses during the recent economic problems turned to the Internet to try and learn how to increase traffic and achieve better placements in Google and other popular search engines. Unfortunately, a little knowledge can cause a lot of problems, and as Sydney Top 10 SEO has seen, it has caused many websites in Australia to vanish from search engines. The damage that can be caused through DIY SEO has also resulted in a huge loss of traffic while other sites have been blacklisted with Google. Once a site has been blacklisted, the business owner is then faced with a serious financial headache.

A spokesman for Top 10 SEO said: “DIY SEO is causing a lot of problems for website owners. A lot of people read some information online and then try to implement it. Unfortunately, it can result in a very expensive mistake and result in lost revenue.”

Sydney Top 10 SEO is warning small business owners that DIY SEO can cause more problems than good; they are also warning people against using BlackHat SEO or turning to email adverts that promote these techniques.

BlackHat SEO is one of the fastest ways to get a website banned in Google according to Top 10 SEO; it is also one of the fastest ways to damage a website. The SEO expert has for a long time now campaigned to make people aware of the damage BlackHat SEO can cause, and want to make people aware the negative financial implications that can result from the techniques

The Sydney Search Engine Optimization experts want people to understand that professional SEO services are affordable and can generate positive results. The company provides a free consultation to help businesses understand how they can improve traffic to their site and increase exposure for financial rewards.

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