SEO for the Dental Niche Market

SEO for the Dental Niche Market

SEO for Dentists – Simplified

For one reason or another, there are numerous misconceptions surrounding SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). One of the main reasons, it seems, is that many SEO consultants like to create an air of mystery about the profession to justify their high fees and questionable practices.

SEO for Dentists

Dental SEO isn’t some top secret method that is only practiced by a select few. In fact, there are resources showing how to optimise a web page for search engines freely available all around the web – we even have some of our own here.

We can lean on our years of experience to optimise your dental practice website and increase your online presence. These methods follow the most up-to-date guidelines, meaning your practice can be easily found online without the risk of incurring costly penalties.

Effective Dental SEO Starts with Effective Content

High-quality, well-written content is the foundation of any SEO campaign. It’s what attracts and engages your visitors, keeping them on your site long enough to decide if they’ll schedule an appointment with you. Search engines monitor and analyse your visitor’s activity such as:

•    How long they visit your site for
•    How many pages they explore
•    The time they spend on your site
•    Whether or not they click your links or watch your videos
•    If they’re a returning or new visitor
•    And many other factors

Factors such as these help Google and other search engines to determine the quality and popularity of your site, and rank your site in their search results accordingly. The easier your site s to explore and the better user experience it provides, the higher your site will rank.

All of this makes content – such as informative articles, images and videos – the most solid foundation of any effective SEO campaign.

Where on the Web do New Dental Patients Come From?
Many dental website SEO professionals may convey the idea that ensuring your site ranks at the very top of Google is the most important aspect of an SEO campaign. Sure, getting the coveted top spot for the right keywords is important, but SEO is so much more than that.

We explore every digital avenue to ensure your website, and therefore your brand reaches all the areas your potential new patients will be looking so they can easily find you online. Essentially, we make sure your overall online presence – and not just your website – is optimised to attract new patients.

We do this by consistently analysing which online channels produce the most new patients for your practice, as each practice is unique. Other than working to ensure your site hits the top spot on Google, we use other methods such as:

•    Directories – placing your site on directory listings helps to improve your citation profile as a whole which attracts quality traffic to your dental site
•    Review sites – Using a revolutionary New Patient Tracker system, we can monitor and track which review sites your new patients are coming from
•    Social Media – By optimising your presence on the top social media channels, we can help you stimulate referrals while also improving patient retention

Our goal is clear – to help you attract and retain new patients.

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