Chiropractor SEO for the Inner West and Sydney CBD

Chiropractor SEO Inner West Sydney Company Australia.

Chiropractor SEO for the Inner West and Sydney CBD

Chiropractic SEO

When you are feeling out of alignment, and in pain with backaches, migraines and more, all we want is to be adjusted to get back to functioning at our best and usually jump onto Google to search for the “best chiropractor near me”. If you are a chiropractor and have a website that is lacking proper SEO, it is likely that you will be missing out on all the clients searching for you on Google. Meanwhile, your competition will be collecting them and win over the potential clients you are missing out on. The following SEO tips and pointers from one of the best SEO Services in Sydney, will help you with a few effective techniques for your chiropractic business website and online presence.

1. Improve Your User Experience

Responsive Web Design is a fundamental aspect of any SEO strategy when appropriately applied, will boost your business to the top ranks of page one Google search engine results over time. With a responsive design, your website will enhance your visitors’ user experience through sensitive adjustments in layout to best suit the smartphone device being used. This gives your visitor a better overall user experience and with the right call to actions included on your website, will help to encourage them to call with smartphone “Click to Call” actions and more.

2. Add new content to your website each month

Search engines love websites that contain relevant, current and fresh content. It is helpful to publish fresh content to your website regularly, so you can inform the visitors of any changes or updates in your business, industry, the latest useful tips, insights and more.

3. Think Locally, Act Locally

When including keywords in your content, make sure to use local search engine optimisation SEO. If your business is based in Sydney and most of your patients are from the Eastern Suburbs, keywords such as “Eastern Suburbs spinal manipulations” will help to attract visitors in your area to you rather than your competitors.


4. Individual Pages for Services

Make sure to create individual pages for each service that your clinic provides. With this approach, your page will rank higher than another business that has clumped together all its services on one page.

5. Chiropractic services being offered

For your business to succeed, you must consider what differentiates your company from that of your competitors. The greater variety of techniques and services you provide, the more patients you will be able to cater for. Rather than focusing on one single method, it is essential to decipher what is going to be best for your client, and tailor makes a treatment plan based on their specific needs and goals in regards to their health. Be sure to offer more than the standardised techniques of manual adjustments, soft tissue work, and muscle releases, and consider implementing the increasingly popular techniques of dry needling, instruments like the activator for instance, strapping, as well as long-term rehabilitation. In this way, it is not just about helping your patient get out of acute pain but also creating long-term solutions by strengthening the body and thus preventing injury from occurring.

6. Feedback

Encourage your current patients to write positive online reviews. Your potential clients will browse through this feedback that will help to influence their decision making with the chiropractor they will finally choose. The chosen chiropractor may well be the very first chiropractor they have ever wanted and first-time experience. This is something worthwhile taking into consideration.

7. Join Chiropractic Directories

Search through and join public health directories such as the National Chiropractor’s Directory as an example, will expand your presence online and improve your citation profile overall.

8. Use a Unique Bespoke Top 10 SEO Professional Services in Sydney to maximise your business on the web.

Are you questioning whether or not your chiropractic website has excellent SEO exposure? Does deciphering which SEO key phrases to compete for confusing you? It can all be quite a time to consume, with much research to undertake, and tricky analysis and metrics involved. If you need some professional advice to help answer your concerns, contact Top Ten SEO Services in Sydney through or visit the contact page. If more extensive support is required, we are happy to book you in for a FREE 30-minute consultation via Skype valued at $200! See you on page 1!

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