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Google Possum Update

Sydney SEO Consultant’s Study shows Google’s Possum update altered Local SERPs by 64%

The information in this article has been taken from “Hawkins insights and data gleaned from a study by BrightLocal, comparing local results from before and after Google’s update” with Business Pages. Google’s latest Possum update was a major concern to local SEO. To those who keep track of local business search results, September 1 brought on some incredible changes. Despite this, the SEO community in general has remained somewhat quiet regarding these changes – most likely due to the fact [...]

Local SEO Sydney

Local SEO and Google Business Pages

Welcome back to the Top 10 SEO video lounge. Today’s topic is local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Local SEO Local SEO is SEO designed to ensure that your business is found in your local region. Let’s say for example that your business is located in London, England. People local to that area will use Google to search for businesses close to their proximity. This means that their search engine phrases will be along the lines of “London hypnotherapists” or “Reiki healing [...]


Google Plus Pages Business Listing

Something more businesses don’t seem to know about – Google Plus Pages. It’s a little thing that can lead to a lot of business, and Top 10 SEO in Sydney is happy to help you set your listing up as we know the full scope of maximising its use with SEO. Google Local Business Listing You may have noticed that when you Google for a local business listing some of the results have maps beside them. Or if you’re on Google Maps [...]


Health Medical Center – How to Use WordPress Tutorial

Health Medical Center – How to Use WordPress Tutorial Welcome back to another of Top 10 in Sydney’s WordPress video tutorials. Today we’re going to take a look at how you can edit and use the Health Medical Centre WordPress template. As always, this video is intended to help beginners become familiar with the behind-the-scenes workings of the template. If you want to skip to a particular section the video’s timeline is as follows: 00:00 – Intro 01:00 – How to edit the [...]


Why organic SEO services is the preferred choice by SME?

Did you know 93% of the online experience begins with Search Engines? So what is “Organic SEO?” Sydney. As I am meeting and working with many more new clients coming on board both nationally and internationally, I am constantly faced with loads of questions from clients, also making me very aware of the lack of understanding with the amount of algorithms Search Engines are using to date. They ask me at times how can the Internet help their business and [...]