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Important Benefits Of A Press Release And Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution When people think about a press release a lot of them think about a big company having a meeting with a public relations company and planning their next campaign and paying a great deal of money to have experts around the table. However, it’s not like that. Yes, big companies do call upon public relations executives to launch a campaign and write press releases to promote their brand, product or service, but now, press releases are being [...]


Will Google’s New Adwords Layout Impact Your SEO?

Advertising with Google The latest updates you should know about. Thinking of advertising with Google…you might want to think again? Google is constantly experimenting with, well… everything. The latest tweak is how their results page will look – there will no longer be ads on the right side of the page. Will this change make any difference to your website and how it lands on a results page? What are the changes to Google’s ad layout on the results page and [...]