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Embed Video into Your Blog, Plus 3 More Useful Tools to Help You Manage Your Business Workflow

This article shows you how…it’s easy! The subject came up while our very own CEO, Senka was presenting to the ladies at the First Impressions workshop. So we thought we would create and upload a video showing how simple it is to include a Youtube video onto your WordPress website or blog. How to block your competitor’s videos from showing up on the last frame of your youtube video and embed video via html.     The video’s timeline breakdown looks like: 00:00 – [...]


Sydney SEO Firm – Why is it important to be visible on the Internet?

SEO Firm in Sydney shows you how to get started with SEO from small to medium sized businesses One of the top mantras of Top 10 SEO in Sydney is that we can’t succeed unless you do. That’s at the heart of every single new website design and SEO strategy project we take on – we partner with you to make sure your new site becomes your main portal for drawing in new customers and converting them to paying clients. That [...]