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Mobile Friendly Search is Now an Important Aspect of SEO

Why is Mobile SEO so important? If you’re an SEO specialist, digital marketer or writer, you are probably aware of how vital mobile optimisation has become. Last year mobile Internet searches outpaced desktop searches for the first time ever, and this trend will likely continue. This is why companies are giving their attention more to mobile compatibility, and this too won’t go away anytime soon. Google Launched Update for Mobile SEO Search On March 16, 2016 Google announced they would soon launch [...]


What is AI, RankBrain and Hummingbird? How will this affect my website on Google?

RankBrain, AI and Hummingbird? Google is now more so than ever before using a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that has been labeled as “RankBrain”. Here’s what we discovered as it has now been rolled out across the internet to rank websites and find answers for all search queries full time. So you must be wondering how this works in with Google’s overall ranking system? Would ‘RankBrain’ be nick named ‘Sexy’? The ‘Tardis’ is nick named Sexy. RB could be just as sexy for [...]

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UK Business Owners Turn to Top 10 SEO In Sydney for Improved Google Ranking

Summary: A SEO North Sydney company that has become one of the most recommended providers of Search Engine Optimization solutions in Australia, has seen a huge increase in the number of UK businesses employ their services. A Sydney based SEO Company has reported the first quarter of 2016 has been their busiest start to the year since their business was first launched. Top 10 SEO in Sydney, which provides a full digital and marketing service for businesses of all sizes [...]


Sydney SEO Expert Lists Four SEO Rookie Mistakes To Avoid

Sydney SEO Expert Offering Great Tips and SEO Packages Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart. Servicing all Australians. Summary: Each year millions of websites find themselves penalised by Google for breaking their guidelines. Sydney Top 10 SEO explains how to avoid mistakes that can damage a website. A leading Sydney SEO expert is often asked by small business clients why their website has been penalised by Google and why their traffic and rankings have dropped. Top 10 SEO in Sydney who [...]

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Important Benefits Of A Press Release And Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution When people think about a press release a lot of them think about a big company having a meeting with a public relations company and planning their next campaign and paying a great deal of money to have experts around the table. However, it’s not like that. Yes, big companies do call upon public relations executives to launch a campaign and write press releases to promote their brand, product or service, but now, press releases are being [...]


Will Google’s New Adwords Layout Impact Your SEO?

Advertising with Google The latest updates you should know about. Thinking of advertising with Google…you might want to think again? Google is constantly experimenting with, well… everything. The latest tweak is how their results page will look – there will no longer be ads on the right side of the page. Will this change make any difference to your website and how it lands on a results page? What are the changes to Google’s ad layout on the results page and [...]


Keyword Stuffing Is A Serious SEO Mistake That Can Damage Your Website and Google Ranking

Keyword Stuffing Is A Serious SEO Mistake That Can Damage Your Website Google Ranking. Top 10 offers SEO Services Hobart. Having a website is a must for any business no matter how big or how small it is. However, having a website is just the start of the process for gaining customers. For a site to be fully functional and effective, it needs to be found in Google but if that site cannot be found by potential customers then the website [...]


Google Plus Pages Business Listing

Something more businesses don’t seem to know about – Google Plus Pages. It’s a little thing that can lead to a lot of business, and Top 10 SEO in Sydney is happy to help you set your listing up as we know the full scope of maximising its use with SEO. Google Local Business Listing You may have noticed that when you Google for a local business listing some of the results have maps beside them. Or if you’re on Google Maps [...]


Best SEO Sydney Expert Launches Free eBook 7 Biggest Mistakes In Website Design

Best SEO Sydney Expert Launches Free Book 7 Biggest Mistakes In Website Design Summary: Leading Sydney SEO expert who works with clients all over the world has written and produced a free E-Book to help people understand the mistakes made in website design that affects and influences SEO. The book from Sydney Top 10 SEO aims to help people to avoid common problems that less experienced web designers make. This free ebook is a great SEO Newscastle guide Top 10 SEO [...]


Embed Video into Your Blog, Plus 3 More Useful Tools to Help You Manage Your Business Workflow

This article shows you how…it’s easy! The subject came up while our very own CEO, Senka was presenting to the ladies at the First Impressions workshop. So we thought we would create and upload a video showing how simple it is to include a Youtube video onto your WordPress website or blog. How to block your competitor’s videos from showing up on the last frame of your youtube video and embed video via html.     The video’s timeline breakdown looks like: 00:00 – [...]