Adwords Google Setup

Adwords Google

• This video is a good demonstration of what is involved with setting up a campaign. All keywords are researched and identified best for your targeted niche market through Keyword planner in Semrush and Ahrefs software.

Ads are written up for your company and split tested. That is why we usually set up 4 – 6 ads. Then pause or delete the ones not performing.

Ad Groups – demonstrated in the video. Important to isolate the right keywords to the right ads. Eg an adgroup for kitchen renovation then another adgroup for bathroom renovation etc. As they are regarded as 2 different topics by Googles Algorithms

Campaigns – the above would be set up into one campaign for the city of Sydney for example. Campaigns helps to organise and contain related subject matters

Google Analytics – is set up and integrated from your google account into my account into the adwords. This then gives deeper information. eg time they searched, what geographic region, through what device and what exact keywords phrase

Script/Code I use – Also demonstrated why the script/code I use is very effective with how I can pull in the visitor searching with a variable phrase as long it contains the words of the keyword phrase I am targeting so they then see the ad and click on it.

• Code for conversion – is added into your website to give me more information on who is calling and filling in your forms.

• Paying Google for every click – I can set up your campaign to pay Google directly. Or I can carry the cost and retain 15% each month to cover the reports and tweaking. So if the budget is set for $20 per day, then the monthly spend would be $600. Google would deduct this from your credit card connected to your Google adwords account. If you were to pay me, then I would deduct 15% from the $600 being $90 and the remaining $510 would go to Google. That is the way agencies normally manage adwords so they are collecting a percentage every month. Some agencies would collect 30% each month and the rest then covers Google for the clicks. So reduced clicks.

• Conversion to Calls and Emails – this varies for every niche market. Most of my client average around 40 – 50% conversion to leads/customers, which is great. In the video I mention around 20% converting to leads as this is the normal estimate.

• Reports are set up at the end of every month for you.

• Campaign Tweaking – this starts around the 3rd week of the campaign running as there is enough data to start working with. Then setting up a negative keyword list so Googles algorithm is then notified where not to show you again so your money is not wasted on the wrong search terms. All part of fine tuning and maximising performance.