Will Google’s New Adwords Layout Impact Your SEO?

Will Google’s New Adwords Layout Impact Your SEO?

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Thinking of advertising with Google…you might want to think again? Google is constantly experimenting with, well… everything. The latest tweak is how their results page will look – there will no longer be ads on the right side of the page. Will this change make any difference to your website and how it lands on a results page? What are the changes to Google’s ad layout on the results page and how does advertising with Google impact you now?

Before this change, when you entered a search you saw paid advertisements both at the very top and along the right side of the results page. Google has now removed the ads along the right side of the page, except in cases of highly commercial searches. (“Highly commercial searches” are searches where Google’s search engine is close to 100% sure you’re out to buy something like a car or a ticket for a flight, as opposed to searches meant purely for information or entertainment.)

This in and of itself will probably have little impact on your website’s organic results rank (how high in the results you show up thanks to SEO, as opposed to paying for an ad). What will possibly have an impact is that Google will now be placing four ads at the top and three at the bottom.



Organic results versus paid ads

So while the overall number of ads on any one page will drop from as high as eleven down to seven display ads, organic searches on page 1 will still hold the traditional 10 positions. Potentially this could mean the battle to get your website ranking and noticed on the first page may become more costly. Time to make sure you’ve got your organic SEO in place.



Will it cost more for Pay-Per-Click ads?

The honest answer is that nobody knows yet. While Google was experimenting with the four-ads-on-top layout as early as 2010, they’ve only just rolled it out en masse this month (February 2016). There simply isn’t enough data to know with any certainty. On one hand, there are fewer ads overall on the results pages. So one would think that scarcity of supply would raise prices.

On the other hand, there are now more ads on top, the prime real estate above either the three stacker Google business page or organic search results.

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