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Stop Searching! You have Found Your Leading Web Design and SEO Company in Sydney - Top 10 SEO

Your One Stop Shop: A Digital Agency offering a customised SEO Service Locally and Globally - Top 10 SEO Consultants and Unique SEM Solutions.

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If you are looking for a leading digital and SEO services company in Sydney, Australia or globally, then you are in the right place.

First allow me to ask you a few questions…
• Are you ready to take your business to a new level on the internet without concerning yourself with all the technicalities?
• Do you want to dominate your market on the web without spending endlessly on internet advertising?
• Did you capture your share of the $20+ Billion Australia spent online last year?

If you answered yes to any of the above then we have some very good news for you.

Welcome to Top 10 SEO Services in Sydney – an all-in-one service that caters for all your online needs.

Whatever your online goals are, we can help you. Perhaps you’ve noticed a drop in online sales and need to draw in a few more customers? Maybe you don’t yet have a website and want to get your business online to increase your profits? Or you might even want to join the booming eCommerce revolution and say goodbye to the 9-to-5 world forever?

No matter what your online goals are, our experience and expertise can help turn your dreams into reality.

Once upon a time, a simple website was all you needed to make your business an online success. Now that the internet is more competitive, your website needs to stand out more than ever before.

You need an SEO Sydney Service that not only understands the Australian marketplace, but the global market as a whole. You need the expertise of a company with over 17 years’ experience in online services including web design and online marketing. You need a company that can help your business stand out in the 45.6 billion web pages through the use of the tried and true formula of SEO and marketing strategies that achieve real results.

Thankfully, Top 10 SEO in Sydney can do all of this for you, and much more.

After working with some of the world’s leading brands we have continued to improve and refine our formulas and use them to help your business not only succeed but thrive online.

Many well-known brands such as Rolls Royce, Cisco Systems, Superhero Insurance, Samsung, Revlon, Summer Hill Wine Shop, Absolute Colour Printing and many more have benefited from our Sydney SEO consultant services, and through our hard work and dedication we have created a unique methodology for SEO both on page and off page.

It is this unique methodology that has made us a leading SEO service provider in Sydney and why we are gaining more and more momentum internationally. Some of our clients have started out with zero search engine visibility, and their results to date are simply astounding. In their own words, here’s what one of our successful clients has to say about our services:

“From being on page 15 on Google to now page 1 when clients search for wedding cars and many other keywords in my market, has turned my business around. I can’t thank you enough, from getting 1 or 2 enquiries per week to getting 15 to 20 online enquiries plus phone calls per week. Your work has seen my business become more visible on the net and increase my bottom line profits by 400+% and rising.”

MichaelI do wedding cars

On Page SEO
Page One SEO

Just imagine the impact that a 400+% increase on your bottom line could do for you…

How would this change your business and life forever? You could finally afford to go on that holiday you have always wanted, or perhaps open that new store you’ve been thinking about…

The benefits of using SEO Services in Sydney are endless.

There is one thing that sets our successful clients apart from those who have not chosen to partner with us yet. The one thing that they have done which resulted in our services helping their business succeed online is…

They Took Action! They understood how critical applying both On Page and Off Page SEO is to get ahead in the ever-increasing world of online business. They invested in their website.

Unless you act, your business will never get the chance to grow and flourish online. Your website will stagnate on the 10th page of Google or deeper, and it will stay there.

By using a leading professional SEO consultant Sydney service, you will witness your page rise to the top of search engine results which will bring you more traffic, more conversions, and more revenue to your business.

But our services extend much further than Search Engine Optimisation…

Our web design expertise means we can create you the high-quality, responsive website your business deserves.

Many people believe that web design should only be a single part of their marketing strategy – that’s if they even believe it’s a marketing strategy at all! This belief (or lack of it) could be losing them money by setting their business back in more ways than they realise.

On first impressions, great web design improves user experience, but it’s so much more than that from an SEO point of view. The overall design of your site can contribute to your SEO which increases your organic traffic, and affects your branding efforts and conversion rates. Essentially, well implemented web design affects your business entire web presence.

By implementing responsive design into your website, your business will be viewable on a multitude of devices, which further increases your Google ranking.

Many websites are only designed for desktop viewing, and do not transition well to mobile devices, which is now an important factor in SEO. Google have now started penalising websites that are not mobile device-compliant, while allowing sites that are to rise the ranks of search results – in other words, if your site isn’t mobile-device friendly, it isn’t SEO friendly.

Our website design service accommodates for all users which pleases Google immensely. In the old saying of ‘happy wife, happy life’, imagine Google is the wife. The better Google ranks you, the more traffic you have on your site which equates to more money in your pocket.

Imagine walking into a store to find nothing on the shelves. That is essentially what is happening on pages that load too slowly. You don’t know when the shelves will fill up and don’t have time to wait to see what might appear, so you leave.

We know that web users will often abandon a page if it takes three seconds or longer to load. This is your bounce rate – people visiting your site then leaving almost immediately. By improving load speed, users are much more likely to stay, and therefore more likely to spend.

By creating pages that load quickly not just on desktop but on all kinds of mobile devices, they are indexed by Google as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), therefore significantly contribute to a boost in your rankings.

By implementing effective SEO techniques and responsive web design, we create websites that are AMP approved. How does this help you? The fact that AMP pages use ‘lighter’ content means that they load up to 30 times faster than non-AMP pages! This significantly contributes to a better-quality user experience. The store you just walked into is fully stocked and has professional staff ready to provide expert assistance.

Not taking action could be one of the worst things you do for your business. Even worse would be taking action, but not using a quality SEO consultant Sydney service that uses ‘quick fix’ SEO methods. This could potentially cost you thousands of dollars and get you nowhere.

When you use Top 10 SEO in Sydney, not only are you partnering with one of the most reputable SEO services in Australia, you’re also investing wisely in your business.

Please ensure you add your details to get your FREE website analysis, so we can inform you of what needs to be fixed to get you in front of the people that matter, your future clients and customers. See you on page 1!

Call us today on +61 2 95696580 to find out more, or email me at hello@top10insydney.com.au. Visit our Services page on this link to find out the many ways we can help you to be found.

Better understand how to choose the right SEO Service

“You can have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you don’t have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it comes to life.” – Renee West

We have all had the experience of employing someone to do a job only to find out that it was not done correctly. The costs then multiply as mistakes need to be undone, and then the job needs to be re-done (this time the right way).

Just as is the case with any field, hiring the right people is critical. None of us have time and money to throw around for sub-par quality. Finding the right team to get your online presence up and running and flourishing is essential to do right the first time.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” – Red Adair

In the following Q&A section there are a few questions to ask a potential SEO team and some answers you should be looking for in return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a lot like learning a new language for some. For experts in the field, it is an ever-changing and evolving world. This is precisely why experts who are dedicated to this field are so invaluable. SEO, when done well, puts websites in front of potential clients. We know that before a person walks into a mortar and brick shop, they have already had a glimpse at the business, it’s people and what it is offering on its website. The pressure to ensure your business website provides not only all the information a potential customer or client may need but to also express the experience they should expect from a business.

Websites can be visited any time of day which means it can be working for you while you are sleeping – or even while you away on holiday! Leaflets and print media do not have the reach or the impact they once had. With your website, you can reach across continents and start building up a global clientele. If you compare the cost of print media and other advertising (for example, television), a website is a brilliant, cost-effective and critical part of the marketing strategy for any business.

Search Engine Optimisation is multi-faceted and ever-changing. Google and other search engines regularly evolve their algorithms. We do know that no matter how the algorithms change, they respond favourably to the following:
• Unique website content
• Use of appropriate keywords and keyword mapping
• Incorporates clear and intentional use of meta-tags
• A professionally built website for use across devices
• Developed for online and offline use
These points can only be achieved by a tailor-made plan specific to your website. Although many factors play a part in how successful a website is in Google’s algorithms, if your website excels in these areas, you will see results.

When you go to a mechanic for a service, you expect to be able to obtain a list of what work was done, what was replaced and the prognosis moving forward. This is good practice and is fundamental to a reliable, trustworthy and transparent SEO company or freelancer.

Some may try and generalise their work (and over-charge) thinking that you won’t understand their lingo and what is involved.

We break-it-down so we are all on the same page and you are involved in the process. With Top 10 SEO in Sydney, you are our priority, and we want to see you come back to us with future projects. We are transparent and know that the work we will do at the beginning of the project will vary significantly to the work done six months in on the project as different variables need to be focused on at that stage.

Yes, unlike many other SEO companies or freelancers, we do not surprise you with the added cost of hiring a developer to implement technical changes or see to any technical problems encountered with your website. Developers are a part of our team and by default, are also a part of your team for your website.

Under no circumstances do we require you to be bound by a contract. We are confident in our services. From the very beginning of the project, we will communicate with you and work on an agreeable timeframe. Along the way, we will give you updates and progress, as per the plan we have set up. Should you decide at any time, you do not want to continue with the project; you can do so.

In the top three of what impacts the Google ranking of a website most is link building. Premium quality backlinks can move your ranking up in search results significantly by themselves. This is one excellent way to improve a website’s ranking. Google has algorithms that know when links are built to quality or if they’re the spammy equivalent of the junk mail moved from the letterbox directly to the recycling. When Google picks up on lots of lots of links to your site from untrustworthy sites, your web-page suffers and can be penalised by Google.

When it comes to links, look for quality over quantity!

In as little as three seconds, a potential client or customer will click away from a website if it isn’t loading. Depending on how a website is built, will impact its speed. Some websites have too much going on in the background; some just aren’t built with efficiency in mind.

We weren’t surprised when Google included website loading time as an additional factor to their core algorithm.

Yes, page one ranking is possible and is what we aim for. As we don’t have control over Google and their algorithms, our expertise is what is so invaluable. Top 10 SEO Sydney is so confident in our team of professionals that we do offer a guarantee. Websites that utilise particular keywords and strategies will be listed on the Front page of Google. By staying on top of these strategies and increasing our know-how every day, we continue to deliver results.

Absolutely! As we at Top 10 SEO Sydney progress through our plan to build up a higher score for your website, we will update you. This usually happens monthly. The first report should be expected to arrive approximately five weeks after the start date. This is because it takes approximately one week for data from Google to be collated. Google reports give us the feedback we need to make amendments where necessary to ensure your website is getting the coverage it ought to be getting. The better the coverage, the higher the number of potential customers and by default, the higher the number of people converting their visit into a transaction.